Threats to Data & Information

All about the different types of threats

About Threats to Data and Information

Some companies don't understand there is many ways that their data can be threatened, So data and information must make sure it is well protected in case for people stealing the data/information.

There are three types of threats to information systems:

  • Deliberate
  • Accidental
  • Technical Failure

Deliberate Threats

Deliberate threats happen when an individual wishes to tamper with the data, steal it or damage the equipment. There may be some things that are trade secrets that companies do not want to give out. These threats can either happen physically or logically or both. I will go into a few in further detail.

Physical Threats

  • Vandalising Hardware
  • Theft of Hardware
  • Information Theft

Logical Threats

  • Computer Viruses
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Tampering with files
  • Information Theft

Computer Viruses

Viruses were first known of coming about when many PC's had the message "Your computer is now stoned" come across them. Not only did the message come across the screen the computers didn't respond to any commands given. Viruses work as how they do in a human body, they affect the Computer's ability to run at normal capacity. There are many viruses that do certain things and are handed out in different ways and may even change form.

Theft of Hardware

This is where items may be stolen from a person or a company. This is where a person will break into somewhere and steal a piece of hardware like a computer or a hard drive.

Information Theft

Information theft can take place in two different ways, it can be done by sitting on a computer and taking information from that way or it can be done by breaking into a place to steal the information. This can also apply to outdated information, this is why some companies like Google are going to long lengths to protect data on their servers from being stolen.

Google data center security YouTube

Accidental Threats

Accidental threats can include times where people have accidentally put in something that shouldn't be there which has changed the data.

This can put under:

  • User Error
  • Failure to follow procedures

User Error

Sometimes a person may not know how to use equipment properly, this sometimes results in user error. This can because hardware isn't shut down properly, copying over an older version or onto something else that has important information.

Failure to follow procedures

This can make people believe that they are missing because files are not named correctly or extensions have been left off the files and may be placed in the wrong folders for the files specifications. This may make other employees thing that they are missing important data.

Technical Failure

When computers stop working it can be an inconvenience for the user and if that happens, you might lose some really important data. Some of these problems could be the result of breakage, technical failure, elemental or overheating.