Antonio Banderas


Personal Information

Antonio Banderas

53 years old

Spanish Nationality

Profession-singer, actor, film producer, film director, and business person

How did he get where he is today?

As a child, Banderas dreamed of being a football player. He was consistent in that career until he broke his foot. He then started his acting career in Hollywood with some of the best directors. Banderas was in some of the most famous Hollywood movies which then made him become very popular with directors and producers. Antonio Banderas is also very good when it comes to voices. He was the voice of Puss and Boots in the movie Shrek. Banderas has not only been staring in movies, also very famous commercials ion the U.S. If it hadn't been for that injury, he may not be where he is today. The acting career has been an amazing experience for him.

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Movies Anotnio Banderas acted in

movies Antonio Banderas has acted in

Take the Lead

The Mask of Zorro

The Skin I Live In

Original Sin

Some of the highlights from Antonio Banderas career

In the beginning of Banderas' career, he was not able to speak English. His first script that he was given was written in English. He had to learn English before he could start practicing.

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How Antonio Banderas learned english

Banderas modeling job and being a waiter helped a lot with helping to learn English. The people surrounding him helped with the basics.