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Week of November 16, 2015

This Week's Courses

Why are they doing this?! Understanding Student Behavior Course Num: 96 (2)

Students often exhibit challenging behavior that can disrupt teaching and the classroom environment. It is not always clear as to why a student engages in such inappropriate behavior nor is it always easily manageable in a class of over 20 students. This course will focus on understanding factors influencing student behavior, and will seek to provide tools to teachers and staff to prevent and manage behaviors. All staff is encouraged to attend as we will discuss a variety of behaviors and developmental stages.

Audience: All Staff
Danielson Component(s): 3B: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques;
Presenters: Lyndsi Silberman, School Psychologist, Madison Junior & High Schools & Catherine Steege, Social Worker, Madison Junior School
Location: Madison High School A-Hall Conference Room
Date(s) & Time(s): Tuesday, November 17; 4:00-5:30pm
Start Date: 2015-11-17
Hours: 1.5
Current Enrollment: 19 Minimum Enrollment: 10 Maximum Enrollment: 25
Current Instructor Email Account: (Lyndsi Silberman)

Google Docs for Intermediate Users Course Num: 121 (2)

Learn how to use Google Docs offline, publish to the web. keyboard shortcuts, add flair to your documents by using templates or creating your own template, and learn how to translate documents to different languages. Use Google Docs as a research tool, voice typing and other advanced feedback tools. Learn how to search and use add-ons and extensions to enhance Google Docs. To help ensure we are planning this workshop to meet your needs please take a minute to complete the survey:

Audience: All
Danielson Component(s):
Presenter: Bob Grundfest, Social Studies Teacher, Madison High School
Location: Madison High School Room C-32
Date(s) & Time(s): Tuesday, November 17; 3:15pm-4:15pm
Start Date: 2015-11-17
Hours: 1
Current Enrollment: 0 Minimum Enrollment: 3 Maximum Enrollment: 25
Current Instructor Email Account: (Robert Grundfest)

Next Week's Courses


New Courses This Week

EdPuzzle in The ClassroomCourse Num: 141 (2)

Learn how to use EdPuzzle to enhance student learning. EdPuzzle allows you to upload any video and add multiple choice/open ended questions during the video to make sure students are aware of what's happening during the video. EdPuzzle allows teachers to formatively assess students and see the results. Learn how to create a video with questions and/or audio comments. EdPuzzle can even be linked to your Google Classroom page. Also learn how to use data from EdPuzzle to inform your teaching. It is a great tool for anybody who wants to use a flipped classroom or needs a way to assess if students are learning from the videos assigned to them. You can even have students make their own videos to see if they really understood the material.

Audience: 6-12 Classroom Teachers
Danielson Component(s): 3D: Using Assessment in Instruction;
Presenter: Angela Wylykanowitz, Science Teacher, Madison High School
Location: Madison High School G-58
Date(s) & Time(s): Thursday, December 10; 3:15-4:15pm
Start Date: 2015-12-10
Hours: 1
Current Enrollment: 1 Minimum Enrollment: 3 Maximum Enrollment: 25
Current Instructor Email Account: (Angela Wylykanowitz)

Danielson Meets GardnerCourse Num: 142 (2)

Who's working harder, you or your students?? When Charlotte Danielson meets Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences become powerful tools to actively engage learner "X" in your classroom. Student engagement is more than turn and talk. In this workshop, learn DYNAMIC strategies and best practices currently used in the classroom to engage students in the learning process.

Audience: All Staff
Danielson Component(s):
Presenters: John Ciferni, Social Studies Teacher, Madison Junior School & Monica Brady, Science Teacher, Madison Junior School
Location: Madison Junior School Room 214
Date(s) & Time(s): Wednesday, December 16; 3:45-5:15pm
Start Date: 2015-12-16
Hours: 1.5
Current Enrollment: 0 Minimum Enrollment: 10 Maximum Enrollment: 25
Current Instructor Email Account: (John Ciferni)

Google Apps & Extensions for Struggling LearnersCourse Num: 143 (2)

Google Chrome has a library of special tools you can access through the browser called Apps and Extensions that can make your life in the classroom easier. Plus, when you use Chrome, all of the apps, extensions and web history are stored in the cloud, so wherever you login, they are literally at your fingertips. In this workshop, you will learn the differences between Apps and Extensions and how they can be used to meet the needs of struggling learners. Participants will leave this workshop with our favorite Apps and Extensions loaded on their Chrome accounts. In addition, we will focus the majority of the time demonstrating Read&Write for Google, which offers a powerful range of support tools to help students gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research.

Audience: Special Education Teachers
Danielson Component(s):
Presenters: Megan Petersen & Kristina Nicosia
Location: Central Avenue School Media Center
Date(s) & Time(s): Thursday, December 17; 3:45pm-4:45pm
Start Date: 2015-12-17
Hours: 1
Current Enrollment: 0 Minimum Enrollment: 5 Maximum Enrollment: 25
Current Instructor Email Account: (Megan Petersen)

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