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September 3, 2020 - Edition 16

Community Listening Session #2 - Tuesday September 8th

Mt. Angel School District will be hosting a second Community Listening Session at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 8th to continue the conversation about upcoming school year. To help district administrators address questions and concerns from families and community members, we have created an online option for submitting questions in advance. Please submit your questions at this link: .

Here is the ZOOM Link to the Community Listening Session; We hope you are able to join us on Tuesday evening.

Have You Registered for School Yet?

Reminder: Registration is still open online for all grades at: . Instruction officially begins on Monday, September 21st. Please register in advance to be ready for a great start to a new school year.

Registration Contact Information

Creating a Learning Space in Your Home

As we plan for teaching an learning to begin from a distance on September 21st, we will be providing resources for families to use as they prepare for students to be successful from home. A resource guide for Creating a Distance Learning Space in Your Home can be found here on our website: . There are also links to additional resources at the end of the second page of this document. Kids need a place to learn that helps them focus and engage in learning. We hope you find this resource useful.

Mt. Angel Schools Provide Grab-N-Go Meals Through December

Great news! The USDA has extended the waiver, which allows us to provide FREE meals to children up to age 18 through December 31st. This means we are able to continue providing FREE meals to children! In addition to our Grab and Go meals, we will begin our delivery service on September 8th.

For delivery, please pre-register for meal delivery by completing the survey at this link: . At this time, our plan is to deliver daily pre-registered breakfast and lunch meals to the students’ bus stop. If your child(ren) does not have a bus stop, you can pick up grab and go meals at St. Mary’s Elementary, or sign up for meal delivery and we will let you know where to pick up your meals. Please reach out to Gayle Schmidt at 503-845-2345, with any questions you might have.

MASD is Planning for Sports Activities to Resume Week of September 14th

Mt. Angel School Board discussed sports activities and participation at a work session on August 26th. The board discussed at length, the needs of our student athletes and the challenges and risk of health and safety of maintaining distancing. The board agreed to move forward with planning for Season 1 activities. Activities will be limited to outdoors only, no transportation, training and conditioning activities only, no full participation allowed. The district will also have a district employee on-site during all activities to oversee distancing and health & safety practices. Coaches are meeting this week and more details will be available next week.

Proposed Instructional Models for MASD

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Calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year Has Changed

Mt. Angel School Board approved a revised calendar for the 2020-2021 school year at their regular board meeting on Monday, August 10th. You can find the new calendar on our website here:

School for students will officially start on Monday, September 21st. This will allow for staff to learn new systems and tools to teach from a distance. The district will also be providing training for parents on the new systems and tools.