Night of the Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman and Andrew Kresin


Dan Hatch: main character and Arthur 's best friend.

Arthur Darlington: main character and Dan 's best friend.

Ryan Hatch: Dan's little brother.

John Hatch: Dan's dad.

Linda Hatch: Dan 's mom.

Stacy Darlington: Arthur 's sister.

Mrs. Smiley: Dan's neighbor.

Officer Kelly: Police Officer.

Minvera: Dan's cat.

Ronnie Vae: The person who flew out the window.

Aunt Goldie: Dan's aunt.

Problem and Solution

The problem of the story was there was seven tornadoes and Dan, Arthur, Dan's mom, and Officer Kelly got hit by two tornadoes that night.

The solution of the story was that Dan, Arthur, Stacy, Dan's mom, and Dan's dad were all OK. The neighborhood had to clean up after the tornado hit and build new houses and buildings


Dan told the story first by saying red letter days are like a really really good day and black letter days are really really bad days like Night of the Twisters. The story starts out with Dan and Arthur talking to Stacy about tornado sightings near Grand Island. The weather man said that there were three tornadoes in Grand Island. Then Dan and Arthur heard the tornado warning sirens and Dan and Arthur went to the basement but Dan had to get Ryan. After the tornado he got in his dad's truck but he almost got hit by the tornado again.


The setting of Night of the Twisters is Grand Island, Nebraska.

One fact about Nebraska is it is in Tornado Alley.

Another fact about Nebraska is the tornado in Night of the Twisters hit June 3 1980.

One more fact about Nebraska is that there was seven tornadoes in Night of the Twisters.