Personal Device Updates

"Don't leave your back door wide open..."

If you don't already keep your phone up-to-date...

You should take a moment and hit that "Check for Updates" button in your mobile device(s).

As we move forward with technology and, unavoidably, even our personal devices may have access to our professional data in various ways, every best-practice step toward cybersecurity is just more and more and more NECESSARY.

Even if not for the professional data, modern technology users should be more diligent about the maintenance and simple upkeep of their smartphones and similar devices or suffer consequences that can otherwise be fairly easily avoided.


[Even I am in this boat]

Some devices may not have access to the most up-to-date versions of iOS and/or Android or other operating systems. Some legacy apps and services are just old and cannot be updated.

It is still best-practice to do the best you can, the most you can. That's all we can do.

BUT... Any amount of intentionally not doing best-practice, knowingly foregoing tightest cybersecurity is definitively a risk. The viruses, malware, ransomware, DDoS, myriad of attacks and predatory elements DO NOT CARE. They're still out there looking for any way in.