The Green Revolution

By: Edward Chung

Background Information

The father of the Green Revolution was Norman Borlaug. Population grows geometrically but agriculture is only able to grow at a linear rate, therefore it is necessary to produce more food. The Green Revolution is the rapid diffusion of biotechnology to improve agricultural techniques. This helped prevent starvation in many countries and saved millions, if not billions of lives.


The main goal of the Green Revolution is to stop hunger in Less Developed Countries (LDC). It uses biotechnology to improve the agricultural techniques in these third world countries.

Proof in India

  • Increase in GDP
  • More foreign trade
  • Paid back all loans it had taken from the World Bank
  • able to pay back national debt
  • More opportunities
  • More facilities
  • Created plenty of jobs, not just agricultural but industrial jobs
  • More food for people

  • Strengthened India's government
  • Became an exporter of goods
  • India transformed itself from a starving nation to an exporter of food
  • Earned more respect form other countries and gained stability