I-Pad Apps I used this semester!

By:Emily Ficke


We used an app called I-Movie where you create a movie or a trailor.You can create movie's just like a real movie Director/Producer. There are several different themes you can choose from. You name your movie, who made the costumes, etc. Then you just hit the record button and start recording your movie or trailor.

Garage Band

Garage Band is where you can record yourself and make like a radio show. Or you can just play around with different sounds and drums, to make music. It works simple you create a new document then choose what kind of instrument you want.

Some of the apps icons

What I thought they could work on

Frequently asked questions:

How do you send this on garage band? You have to go back to the main screen where all of your garage bands are located and hold down on one of them, then they will all start shaking and little buttons will pop up which one says send.

Apps are fun and Educational!

All apps are fun and some can be fun and educational! We use our apps on our i-pads for school!