WLC Update

A note from WLC administration

March 19, 2020

Dear WLC Families,

Today, WLC will launch remote learning for our students. The work of all of our staff has been nothing short of extraordinary. Throughout the school day yesterday, parents and students were greeted by Linda Draper and Sharon Coffey as staff members ran necessary school materials out to each student's family. It was emotional at times and reaffirmed to us all how very connected our school and families are. It was wonderful to see you all here yesterday. Please know that we will stay as connected as possible in the days ahead.

Yesterday and the days leading up to it were a demonstration of the strength of our community. Parents came to our school with words of encouragement and kindness, some even donating materials to help. We are incredibly grateful for this generosity and spirit as we all move into this new way of teaching and learning.

We have entered an unfamiliar time for our families, ourselves, and our schools. It is impossible to predict what may happen next, but the last few days makes it clear that our schools and community will stick together to best serve the needs of our kids no matter what. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email.

Thank you again,

Brian Bagley and Sarah Edmunds