What's Happening in 3BL?

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Laff


3BL students have made it through Unit One! They started off with a challenging concept (elapsed time) and continued working hard throughout the Unit. It is amazing to see how quickly they are learning to "think like third graders". We have to imagine that they come home exhausted after all of their hard work.

Tests will be sent home next week!


3BL enjoyed the first unit in Life Science. One highlight of the unit was learning about the stages of a bean plant from seed to flower. Students observed a bean plant grow in our classroom, and even observed what happened when we turned one plant sideways. Take a look at a few pictures from this unit!
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More information about THE DAILY FIVE: https://www.thedailycafe.com/daily-5

The students have been working on the five components of The Daily Five. During Guided Reading time, when students are not working with a teacher, they will be in an assigned station. Their time spent will be meaningful and relevant to each student's quest to become better readers. The stations include: Listening to Reading, Reading to Self, Reading to Someone, Word Work, and Work on Writing. Ask your child what their favorite is!


Our students work so hard in 3BL. We recognize the importance of BRAIN BREAKS, and often can be seen (and heard) participating in a GO NOODLE ACTIVITY. We will have to capture it on video next time for you to see. It is hilarious.
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Thank you for sending in your children ready to learn each and every day. ( Also, thank you to many of our friends for sharing hand picked apples and other treats with us! )
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Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Laff