Alcohol Abuse Is No Use

Health Problems

Over a period of time, alcohol abuse can cause many health problems. One of the most serious is cancer. Alcohol abuse increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach, and liver. Alcohol can also cause cirrhosis of the liver, where the liver grows scar tissue instead of healthy liver cells. This is another serious disease.

Work/School-Related Problems

Alcohol abuse can also cause work or school related problems, depending on the age of the abuser. Adults can miss many work days. They could also not get work done, which could possibly get them fired. Students could fail grades and miss plenty of school days. They could also possibly get suspended or expelled.

Family Problems

Lastly, alcohol abuse can cause problems with family members. If the abuser is intoxicated, he/she may start an argument with a family member that they didn't want to. Also, the abuser's family members will have to limit the amount of alcohol in their house because usually, once alcoholics start drinking, they can't stop. The abuser puts a lot of stress on their family because they have to help him/her overcome the addiction. With all this on the family's backs, it is sure that the abuser will cause a lot of problems.

Chris Rossetti

C-Even Class