The Wisconsin Story


Fur Trade

The fur trade begin because some people wanted fur and they would give anything to them to get the fur and it was hard to find all of the fur. Like the Indians were eager to trade furs for the French goods. They also wanted stuff to help them survive like knives,blankets, and cloth. And cooking supplies, mirrors, and weapons. It also helped the Indians so they hunted more so that they could get more French goods. That's were the fur trade had to end because the Indians were so busy hunting they never had anytime to grow crops. To stay healthy they stop hunting and started to grow crops so they could eat some food.

Lead Mining

Lead Mining begin because the Indians could get food if they hunted for led. It was a easy job to mine for led. Plus if they give a peck of led then they'll give you a peck of corn. By the way you can fill led in a shopping bag all the way to the top and that would be a peck of led. Lead was needed to make shot or bullets for guns. Another reason that lead became important is that lead bars were used as money in the fur trade. And all the sudden as farmers grew there was less need for supplies. Fewer steamboats were used and needed. That's how Lead Mining ended.

Lumber Industry

Lumber Industry started in the late 1800's. Paper became an important industry in Wisconsin. Many farmers stopped planting wheat. And they had to find new jobs. WI had a lot of wood. Soon many news paper mills opened. By 1910, there were 60 paper mills in the state. There were many farmers and railroads the the farmers hated the railroad they can't hold up the street and if you are moving how are you going to take your animals with you. Plus the smoke is bad for the air,you, and the animals. But it was the only not so expensive to ride. But the farmers thought they could make something better and they got all mad so that's how Lumber Industry ended.