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February 9th, 2018

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Reading Celebration Week "Going for the Gold!"

Each year Magee hosts a week long reading celebration week. This year's theme is "Going for the Gold," and will be run at the same time as the Winter Olympics.

Our kick off took place this morning with an opening ceremony here at Magee!

Each day next week will be a special dress up theme, this info is listed below.

In last week's folder was an invite for children to invite a "guest reader" to come in during your child's library time. This guest can be mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or a family friend.

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Yearbook orders

Last week order forms for yearbooks were sent home with students. Many parents asked if they ordered a yearbook with fall pictures. Yearbook orders were not an option with fall pictures, so the only opportunity to order is with this order form. Please return forms to school by Feb 23rd.

Order online at ID code 8415318

February Title Reading Tip

CAFÉ Strategy: Tune in to interesting words and use new vocabulary in speaking and writing

Dear Families,

As your child is progressing through the year, we would like to update you with another CAFÉ strategy to reinforce at home. CAFÉ is an acronym that stands for Comprehension (I understand what I read), Accuracy (I can read the words), Fluency (I can read smoothly and understand what I read), and Expanding vocabulary (I know, find, and use interesting words). The strategy introduced is a part of the expanded vocabulary portion of the CAFÉ Menu.

When children learn to tune in to interesting words, they build word awareness and the understanding of words. This leaves them with “thinking power” in their brain to comprehend and make meaning of what is read. Have you ever heard a new word, looked it up, and then repeated it often to remember it? Students who tune in to interesting words expand their vocabulary by focusing on these new words and their meaning. By looking for words that are interesting and unique, children not only increase their vocabulary, but they also enhance their comprehension. A child must have multiple exposures to a word in order for it to become a part of his/her vocabulary.

How to help your child with the expanded vocabulary strategy at home:

1. When your child is reading or you are reading to your child, ask your child to find 3 interesting words. Have your child write these words down and talk about the meaning of these words. See if anyone in your family is able to use the words in a sentence.

2. As always, modeling is a wonderful way to spark interest in children. When you are reading a magazine, newspaper, or book, tune into an interesting word and discuss it with your child. Explain that even adult readers tune into interesting words to better understand text.

Thank you for your continued support!

February Character Trait: Citizenship

Demonstrating good citizenship is being a person who is involved in trying to make the community, nation, or world a better place. Good citizens are people who are engaged, in big or small ways, in considering the needs of others in their community. Citizenship means more than knowing how the government functions. Good citizenship in practice is understanding, appreciating and doing things that make life better for yourself and for others. Citizenship is not passive. Citizenship demands participation, involvement and contribution. Good citizens go beyond their own interests, demonstrate a concern for the needs of others and recognize their obligations to make their home, school, neighborhood, country and world the best they can be. Citizenship is a two-way relationship and includes both rights and duties. No one makes a difference without being involved.

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Cold weather reminders

As the cold months move in, please make sure your child has a hat, gloves and winter jacket each day. Now that the snow is here, they will need boots and snowpants.

A parent reminder for the cold months: our drop off lane seems to get backed up close to 8:00 when the weather gets colder. I can assume this is because kids don't want to be outside and therefore parents bring them a little bit later. The drop off lane becomes congested and backed up due to this reason. Please try to be in the drop off lane before 7:45 to help with this.

Students getting late to class due to late drop offs is not only disruptive to the class, but also an undue stress on your child.

PLEASE REVIEW our Winter rules with your child. You can click here for the outside rules.

Online newsletter

Each week the Magee Friday Night News will be sent out electronically. Skyward Family Access is where you can update your email address to receive the newsletter. You can also view the newsletter from the Magee webpage @

Student Medication

A reminder that all medication must be transported by an adult to and from school. Each medication (prescription and non-prescription) also requires a form to be filled out annually. Here is a link to those forms.

Upcoming events

Feb 9th- Reading Celebration Kick Off

Feb 19th and 20th- No School

Feb 22nd- PTO Family Bingo Night

Feb 23rd- Mid quarter reports go home

Feb 28th- Clip Chart Reward

March 8th- Spring Pictures (Optional)

March 22nd- PTO Family Movie Night

March 23rd- Spring Folk Dance Festival

Magee Calendar of Events

Schoolwide events can be found here for Magee and the school year calendar is here.

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