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Fox's Beginning-of-Year Updates

Wednesday, August 8th


MYP Year 1 (6th) Meet & Greet Teachers


MYP Year 2 (7th) Meet & Greet Teachers


MYP Year 3 (8th) Meet & Greet Teachers

Thursday, August 9th


NEW Parent Orientation Kindergarten


Kindergarten Meet & Greet Teachers


1st Grade Meet & Greet Teachers


2nd Grade Meet & Greet Teachers

Friday, August 10th


3rd Grade Meet & Greet Teachers


4th Grade Meet & Greet Teachers


5th Grade Meet & Greet Teachers

2018-2019 Online Registration

The Online Annual Registration Update is available online and awaiting responses from families who indicated their intent to return to Franklin for the 2018-19 school year. The online annual registration update is a required step in securing your child's seat for the 2018-19 school year.

How do you get started?

Visit or click on the link below to sign in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. From the Parent Portal:

  1. Select the student you wish to register along the top
  2. Select the InfoSnap 18-19 Student Registration
  3. Enter the child's date of birth

Visit our website at or click on the link below to download the academic calendar for 2018-19. Students will begin school on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. The academic calendar includes a two-week winter break beginning December 24, 2018 and a one-week spring break beginning March 25, 2019.

FranklinPass Stickers

As a reminder, all families should keep their existing FranklinPass stickers affixed to their vehicle windshield as they will continue to work for the 2018-19 school year. New FranklinPass stickers are issued only to new families. Additional FranklinPass stickers are available for purchase.

Carpool Registration

All current registered carpools will be wiped from the system at the end of the current school year. All families wishing to participate in our carpool program for the 2018-19 school year are required to visit the school to register the carpool for the upcoming school year. Remember to bring your existing key fob so that it may be reprogrammed.

Reminder to check out the school supply lists on our website.

Hover over SCHOOL INFO and click on REGISTRATION, scroll to the bottom to view all of the grade level lists.

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Final Report Cards

Final report cards for students in grades K-8 are still available for pick up in our main lobby. Please visit our campus between 7AM and 4PM to collect your child's final report card.

Ready to pick a book, Set to read every day, Read this summer for Success next year! Check out the grade-specific reading lists and project ideas. All projects are due Friday, August 24, 2018.