chinese cinderella

by adeline yen mah

beginning middle end (summary)

Adeline is the main character she is a little girl who is unwanted. she was last born and her mom died giving birth to Adeline. her family blames her for the loss of their mom. Adeline's family doesn't really care much about her, one day she got lost and no one even realized she was that's how much they care about her. the only ones that like her are aunt baba and ye ye her grandfather. Adeline's grandma raises her until her grandma passes away also. so they had to live with their stepmom niang. Niang is very cruel to Adeline and treats her biological kids better. Adeline likes school better than home cause at school people treat her equal. she got to be the president. She gets sent to boarding school and I a very talented writer, so her father lets her go to college only if she studies medicine.


Adeline likes school better than home because her father and niang beat her. she wanted to be president and gave her speech the next day she won. the only nice ones in her family to her are aunt baba and ye ye her grandfather.

my thinking

I think that its not fair for Adeline to get blamed for the loss of her mother. her family needs to be nicer to her cause she respects them. she is smart in school too so they should congratulate her. also niang shouldn't have treated her daughter like that. its not fair to her daughter either because niang didn't raise her daughter so niang was a stranger to her daughter. she hit her daughter and screamed at her until finally Adeline stood up and said to stop treating her like that cause she is just a little girl. so I guess niang started to dislike Adeline more. I really like this book a lot even though some parts were sad but overall i like it.