Elem. COMPASS Data Day

Building your capacity to lead data day at your schools!

Learning Targets for the day - To equip school leadership teams to be able to:

  • analyze & identify school, grade, and classroom trends/needs/points for further investigation
  • identify appropriate instruction & curriculum, based on students' data
  • make any appropriate adjustments to schedules, instruction, curriculum, etc
  • group students appropriately
  • identify student gaps & select appropriate interventions for ALL students, based on COMPASS specialists' recommendations
  • lead teachers in successfully completing Tier 1,2 and/or 3 paperwork, as appropriate

What is the "END IN MIND" for data day?

Team Processing:

  • Teachers will ask, "why?" and you need to be able to answer with a "what" and not a "who." Write your school's purpose statement for data day.
  • Who are your school's COMPASS specialists?

Data Day Essential Components...before, during, after

  • Know your data!
  • Send Data Day School Planning Document to Mary Ann, Kim, and Sherrard today
  • Develop agenda for your school's data day

  • Principal and IF attend all day
  • Focus - team's data analysis leads to taking action for students (addressed in Tiers 1, 2-1, 3-2-1 as appropriate)

  • Leadership team debriefs outcomes and next steps
  • Follow up in PLCs on work initiated during data day
  • Call your COMPASS specialists for support as needed

Lessons learned...why reinvent the wheel or make the same mistakes twice?

Team Processing:

Make note of anything you need to keep in mind for your own implementation when some of our schools share.

data analysis

Team Processing:

List or pull the data you will analyze and determine the tools you will use to lead teams through discussion and analysis. Capture your analysis of the data.

Sample forms & tools - http://iss.schoolwires.com/Page/47527

Before data day...Analyze your data

  • What data will you discuss?
  • What do you notice about your data?
  • What support is needed, based on your data?
  • Which COMPASS specialists need to be at your data day?

before data day...Develop your agenda

  • What data will you use?
  • Which tier will be your focus?
  • What forms or tools will you use to capture your teams/ data discussions and the follow up support needed?
  • Who will lead each part of the agenda?

once We've had data day...now what?

When will your leadership team meet to discuss the outcomes and next steps of data day?

I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.

Team Planning Time!