By: Alex Adams


  • Was born 1377 in florence
  • spent most of his life Florences
  • Apprenticed with toscanell; taught geometric laws and one point perspective... member, florentine city council, studied in rome with Donotello.
  • His life style was, father was public offical in florence; mother was related to spini and aldobrandini families
  • He was an architecture built the cupola and its drum over the centrel trasept of florence cathedral. Also liked to draw most well know piazza san Giovanni baths, temples
  • Baldassare cossa and pope (john the xxII) was his patrons

Renaissance work

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work of Brunelleschi

  • Chapel of the pizzi family
  • created in 1430
  • you would see this piece in Florence, Italy
  • This buildings is different then others, It has round tops a box front pointy tops and a hall way going in. it was kind of looks hogwarts from harry potter.
  • i find this piece interesting because it has different shapes used together to make this fasinating building
  • He used multiple shapes to make the out side of the buildings

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