China Technology Waste

By: Kennedy Wright

Water For Life

Water is a very important resource for all human beings. There is a lot of saltwater, but we can't drink it because it would make us sick and dehydrated. Water is being overused all over because, we don't know how much water is being used by us. Countries all over (mostly Africa) are fighting over water because there isn't a lot of it for the two villages.

China Waste

When you throw your electronics away they usually end up in China getting fixed or cleaned. When your electronics get to China they to fix them, this causes chemicals to get in the water and air, and this effects all of us. The reason why the air and water, and just the town in general is so polluted is because the chemicals are being released while fixing our broken electronics.

Effects On Us

Lots of people get very sick and almost die from all the chemicals. Kids get effected the most, it can effect their lungs and brain. When you try washing your clothes in the water it turns the the fabric yellow from the polluted water. When chemicals get in water it kills the animals in it, mostly the fish die from it.

How Can We Stop This?

If we want to stop this problem we need to do something about the chemicals. Factory workers are saying they will reduce the amount of chemicals they use on the objects. If we stop throwing away so many electronics we could help with China's waste problem.