Internal Love

Jesus Loves You

Jesus son of God loves all humans, he came and died on the cross for all of our sins, ever since he was born in the manger and before he had a big purpose, to save us all from a terrible place called hell. The reason he did that was so we could join him and his father, God. You do not get into the kingdom of God, heaven by doing horrible things here on Earth you have to live the word of God, the Holy Bible.

Ten Reasons To Believe In Jesus

1. The ark of the covenant was found. ( Watch the video below.)

2. Miracles happen every day in are lives, think of a time when something miraculous happened in your life.

3. Noah's Ark was found. Noah's ark was made by a man named Noah who was asked by God to make the ark because God was going to flood what he had created on the Earth because God was sad by what he had created, kids were disrespecting their father and mother, all the people he created were sinning terribly except Noah so God asked Noah to make an ark for two animals of each species and for Noah's family and himself so they would not drown because they did not disrespect God and because Noah was a great man of God.

4. How would anyone even be here, how would the Earth have been here? We would not be here and the Earth would not have been here. Scientists say we evolved from apes but I give you my word, it is false, not true, there is a God and his son, Jesus. Please do not be fooled like many are.

5. There would not be a Holy Bible if God and Jesus did not exist.

6. Woman would not be able to give birth to children.

7. People would not speak of a man named Jesus if he did not walk this Earth.

8. You would not even be able to gasp in air if God was not real.

9. I myself would not be here, I was born with a heart effect and it was fetal, I would for sure have died if God did not exist.

10. None of us would be able to move a muscle with out God.

Reccomendations if you are struggling to believe....

1. Read the book ''Heaven Is For Real''.

2. Buy a bible, I personally recommend the New King James Version.

3. Look for things in the world to prove Jesus is real.

4. Buy the book ''Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul'', this book has multiples of stories that are real that lift your soul and heart.

5. Read a part of the Holy Bible daily so you do not drift away from the Lord.

6. Pray to God that he will help you to believe. He helped me believe by giving me dreams about his return a multiple of times.

7. Look for miracles in your life, they are all around us.

8. Watch the movie, Heaven is for Real. If interested in watching the movie trailer, watch it below.

9. Listen to the song, He Took Your Place, because it has beautifully written lyrics that tell how great Jesus is.

Ron Wyatt talking about JESUS blood sample
Heaven Is For Real - Official Trailer - In Theaters Easter 2014

Heaven is for Real Movie Trailor

11 yr Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!

In the song, He Took Your Place, listen to the lyrics carefully.

The Whites : He Took Your Place


Please tell everyone about what I have told you. Thank you.