Iredell Crosby Scholars

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Iredell Crosby Scholars First Big Fundraising Event

Crosby's Casino Aspire

Saturday, Nov. 11th, 7-11pm

120 Trump Sq

Mooresville, NC

Our first Casino Aspire proved to be a fun-filled night with some big winners! Thanks to everyone who donated their time, money or prizes to make the evening run so smoothly. We look forward to doing it all again next year -- bigger and better than ever!

Debunking Some Crosby Scholar Myths

This fall, Crosby Scholars begins the third school year serving public school students in Iredell County. Almost one hundred and fifty seniors are preparing to graduate as Iredell’s first Crosby class, but a few misconceptions about the program might be preventing potential enrollees from joining.

The name “Scholars” sometimes gives the impression that Crosby Scholars aids only high-achieving students who aspire to top-level universities. However, the program assists all students who want to pursue education beyond high school—whether community college, trade school, or a traditional four year program.

Another mistaken belief is that Crosby Scholars just helps first-generation students whose parents didn’t attend college. Some Crosby parents have advanced college degrees, and some have no college or high school—all are welcome!

Other parents worry that their child will take a spot that another student needs more than they do. There is no enrollment limit, so everyone who wants to participate may join!

Finally, people may think that a program offering so much must involve a large time commitment. Yet, in each school year (until a senior), Crosby Scholars minimum requirements take merely four hours to complete. That’s a small investment of time to reap the ultimate free benefit of the program—being the best-prepared college applicant possible, accepted and enrolled at a great higher education program!

So, why wait--enroll now at

New Faces at Iredell Crosby Scholars

Since last fall, there have been changes in staff. Jodi Wynblatt, Senior Program Coordinator, began working in February to bring the senior program to life. In May, Pamela Siegfried joined as the Program Director with her focus being grades 9-11. Aaliyah Turner-Moore started her position in late July as the Middle School Coordinator. By partnering with another nonprofit, we are able to have an administrative assistant, Gloria Booth, through a grant program. Gloria is helping us with all the forms and data entry and keeping up with filing!

Read a little about each new staff member in the paragraphs below.

Jodi Wynblatt

Jodi grew up in northwest Ohio and then attended the University of Michigan where she started as an engineering student, but switched majors and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy. Her Master's Degree is in Educational Policy from Rutgers University. She lived in several states before moving to Mooresville with her husband, son and daughter several years ago. Jodi has always been involved in education, whether through work or as a volunteer. She is constantly on the lookout for volunteers, so if you have an interest, please give her a call!

Pamela Siegfried

Pamela's interest in college preparation is professional and personal. She and her husband, Mark, are the parents of three children; a college sophomore, a high school senior and a high school junior. Pamela's Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education is from Wayne State University. She has experience working with community college students and is excited to work with the Crosby Scholars high school students.

Aaliyah Turner-Moore

A 2012 Statesville High School graduate, Aaliyah completed her Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Psychology and graduated from Winston-Salem State University in May of this year! Her interest in working with Crosby Scholars stemmed from her own experience. While in high school, she participated in a program similar to Crosby, and felt that it helped keep her on track and focused on higher education. Aaliyah's youth and enthusiasm make her a good fit for the Middle School Coordinator and she has already been working hard to get to know students around the county.