By. Kenyana Johnson

Microwaves- Defintion

  1. Microwaves is the second lowest form of electromagnetic radiation on the spectrum. Microwaves power common items we use everyday like: Microwaves, wireless internet, mobile phones, mobile television broadcasting etc.

All About Microwaves

Wavelength & Frequency

3x1011 - 1013 Hz - Frequency

1 mm - 25um - Wavelength


Cellphones, Baby monitor, Television, and Microwave ovens


  1. Discovered by Clerk Maxwell in 1864

Microwaves were first used for radar in WWII. (1939-1945) The development of microwaves is only one step of the gradual evolution of the concept and application of electromagnetic waves. Maxwell formulated a set of equations supporting all electromagnetic phenomena, which became known as Maxwell's equations. Hertz's experiment proved further generalizations and applications which led to the development of the microwave.

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In some cases microwaves relieve symptoms better than drugs. The use of microwaves is safer than surgery. For example, the wave can heat enlarged prostates, therefore killing extra tissue.

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves