Dear Andrew

Advice For A Safe Enviroment In A Factory

Dear Andrew

Q: Dear Andrew, I wanted to make a clean safe environment for my workers at my textile mill, How could I do that?
From,Chanelle Barquoi

A: Dear Chanelle,
Making a clean, safe environment is easy, you just need to know how.
First, what you would do is if you are building a textile mill, give it ventilation. Make about 15, one foot holes at the top of your mill. You want to do this because of fibers getting in your lungs. These fibers will hurt your workers or in some cases kill them. If you want to be extra careful then you get your workers to wear paper masks. Next is taking care of fire hazards, that would be devastating for a textile mill. After that, you would want to make sure to have Health supplies or build a hospital. I know building a small hospital sounds like a lot of money, but it would be better than unhappy workers or being sued. If you want to get some extra money you might want to get a group of people to come after hours to sweep up the extra cotton that has fell on the ground to re-use. After all of that you can have a safe efficient cotton mill.

Advice for where is a good place to put your manufacturing factory.

Q: Dear Andrew,I was wondering where a good place i should put my textile/ Wood mill. Where is the best place for wood and my crops? From,
Johnny Manitoc

A:To get a good place to put your mill, you need to find to things.1. Get a very strong flowing river. This will give you faster working machines if you are going to have a water powered mill. this will also cut the wood faster.2. Find a river that has a lot of wood and room for a field. you will need both for the mill you are wanting.3. Make sure the wood by your mill is strong for a good profit.making sure of all of this will make you wealthy and efficient.
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