Vote For Vacuole!!!

By: Catlyn Williamson and Lily Ballengee

What the Vacuole Does

We are very busy. We store all the food, water, and waste. We make sure that the cell gets all the nutrients that it needs and that it never goes hungry. We also collect all the trash so that it doesn't get in the way or make the other parts of the cell sick. If the cell didn't have us, it would die very quickly because...

A. It wouldn't get the needed nutrients

B. There would be too many cell wastes in the way of operations

The Importance of the Vacuole

If we didn't exist, there wouldn't be world to live in. We are so very necessary to the survival of the cell, it isn't even funny. The world would literally be destroyed without us. We provide food, water, and many necessary nutrients to the cell. We store cell wastes until they can be exported out of the cell. If we don't get named "The Most Important Organelle," all cell life will crumble as we know it. Save the town and vote for us.

What's wrong with the other cell organelles?

For starters, the nucleus causes cancer and spreads it to other cells. The reason why is because it directs all the activities and sometimes has the cell make bad things like cancer. The cell membrane causes pores which make people feel bad and self-conscious. The golgi bodies cause the disease Achondroenesis which makes severe disorders that affect cartilage and bone development. The hydrolase enzymes that the lysosomes use to break down cell wastes could break down the cell if the cell were to ever burst. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is the social network of cell death. When it gets a disease, it takes it and gives it to all the other cell organelles, which causes them to die. The mitochondria gives bad chemicals to the E.R. which causes the whole cell to die. When the ribosomes make protein and something goes wrong, that makes a disease that kills the cell. If the cell wall ever topples, the whole cell dies. All the other cell organelles have a way to kill the cell. If we, the vacuole, become the Most Important Organelle and the Head of Cell City, we will make sure that no bad things happen.