And The Habsburg Empire

The Habsburg Empire

Austria had been a power house of a nation at the dawn of the nineteenth century. However it would not be long until multiple conflicts would reveal that Austria had been weakened. The young Emperor Francis Joseph had not done much to improve the Habsburg Empire, as he was too focused on tradition, instead of adapting to a modern age. Multiple defeats include losses to France and Piedmont, and also Prussia. Nationalism within the Habsburg Empire was difficult, there was not just one nationality in the Empire. Different nations included Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukrainians, and more all made claims to nationalism in the Empire.


Following the abolition of internal tariffs (taxes on goods traded within the country) in the Empire, Hungary was split into military districts. Eventually, they lost Russian support in Hungary, and Austrian would no longer be able to preserve the Habsburg empire in Hungary.

The Beginning of the Dual Monarchy

After losing to France and Piedmont in 1859 (resulting in a loss of territory in Italy), Francis Joseph gave in on his attempts of centralization by issuing the October Diploma. Causing a federation and unification of the states and territories within the Empire. Hungarian Nobility did not accept the plan however. The next year, Joseph issued the February Patent. It set up a whole new style of government,again the Hungarians refused. Eventually, because of a loss to the Prussians, Joseph and the Habsburg Empire were forced to agree to Hungary's terms. The compromise between the two changed the Habsburg Empire into a new Dual Monarchy* known as Austria-Hungary. Francis Joseph was later crowned King of Hungary in 1867.

* when two separate nations are ruled by the same monarch.

Francis Joseph


Francis Josephs intent as an Emperor was focused on keeping tradition, and as other nations adapted around him, he and his Empire were left behind.- James


-How old was Francis Joseph when he became emperor?

-What was one of Josephs flaws that led to the downfall of The Habsburg Empire?

-What does a Dual Monarchy imply?