by Emma Russell and Aisan Hashemi

Events in History

There were many events that influenced fashion in the 1970's. Music, politics, movies and television, etc, all had influences on 1970's fashion. The ending of the 1970's was the disco era. One event was the Vietnam War, and another was the hippies. (flower children)

Styles of the 1970's

Influential People

  • Elvis Presley had a big influence on fashion in the 1970's. In 1971, he won a prestigious Coty Fashion award for it's influence with denim, and denim styles became more popular.
  • Donna Summer, a singer who got into trouble for a raunchy video and stage act.


Shoulder pads were invented in the 1970's, mainly for womens fashion.

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Fun Facts about the 1970's

  • At the beginning of the decade, gas was 36 cents per gallon.
  • A quart of milk cost 33 cents and a loaf of bread cost about 24 cents
  • A movie ticket cost an average of $1.50