NoeL Thompson

How we got started

2 weeks ago (Oct. 4,2015), we started writing songs after church had ended so we came up with the idea of being in a band.

This Sunday (Oct. 11, 2015), we came up with our band name and practiced a song i wrote called "Crisis Awakened".

We will of course post it on Youtube.

About Our Song

Crisis Awakening is actually based on real life. I wrote it because it reached out to me when i was finishing it. I knew that if i wrote and shared Crisis Awakened to the world, it would reach out and inspire children, teenagers, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, anorexia, insecurity and just pure sadness.


We will be practicing at CC4G almost every Sunday this year until January 3rd, 2016 because we will be practicing twice a week, Sunday and (Friday before youth groups)


Please follow me and Donielle on Instagram, and on Twitter to find out more about ourselves.

MY Instagram: Broken.doll.5 MY Twitter: Winters_Dream_5

Donielles Instagram: silent.words.loud.thoughts Her Twitter: Midnight_queen1

CECE doesn't have social media except facebook

MY Youtube name is Girly3m0

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