Newsletter Week 5 Term 4

Sawyers Bay School 18th November 2021


By the end of tomorrow the children would have certainly earned their weekend. We are so proud of the effort they have put into swimming over the last two weeks. The progress that we have seen is tremendous. We hope that families will be able to see their own kids in action over the summer holidays. A big thank you to Aleisha, Dylan and the whole JC Swim team, you guys are amazing! Thank you for looking after our children so well.

Within the classrooms, the children have all been working extremely hard on different units of work. We do miss having parents at our assemblies so you can see what we are up to, but do understand that it is for the best. You might have to ask your child what they are up to and we will continue to share this via the newsletter.

The teachers are currently working on End of Year Summative reports for your child. These will capture the achievement in all curriculum areas for the year. These will be coming home on Friday 3rd December. We look forward to sharing these with you very soon.

Ngā mihi,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Final Assembly for 2021 - Friday 10th December, 2pm
  • Last Day of Term - Wednesday 15th December, 1pm

Term 4 Week 5 Certificates


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We are learning about Space this week. We wanted to know how rockets went into space.

We watched a video about the Space X rocket going up into space. It used fuel that was put on fire and it exploded and launched the rocket up into space. It had four astronauts on it. They have gone to the International Space Station. We loved watching that video. We drew pictures of rockets. We then made our own rockets. We are learning about three dimensional shapes. We used cylinders and cones to make our rockets. With our buddy we have predicted what we could use to launch our own rockets into space. We have lots of different ideas.

We can’t wait to launch our own rockets at the end of this week. We will take photos and let you know which ways worked the best to get them up into space.

Watch THIS space…..

Report by Mrs Campbell

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Wow what an impressive week it has been in Hine Rau Wharangi. It has been really wonderful to see the progress at swimming from our students. We have conquered our fears and got right into the swimming buzz. Mrs Brewer is super proud of you all. This week we have been using ipad technology to make music. This has been lots of fun. We wrote our names into the programme and it played music back to us. It was amazing how wonderful our names sounded. Over the next few weeks we are hoping to put all of our tunes together with a dance. In maths we have been looking at measurement, days of the week and months of the year. We have also been learning to skip count backwards in 2s.

Report by Mrs Brewer


On Tuesday morning the playground was abuzz with excitement. Is it penguins from Madagascar? Or is it a flying fox, a trampoline, a Jack-in-the-box, a spider net or a tea-cup merry-go-round? These are some of the ideas we had when we noticed a big mysterious box appear on our playing field. After a bit more exploring and some good detective skills, our class’s eagle-eyes noticed it was something for the playground because we saw the word “playground equipment” on a piece of tape. We are going to be eagerly watching and waiting to see if any of our predictions are correct or close! As promised in last week's newsletter, below is a photo of some of our dinosaurs that we shared in assembly. I was so proud of how well the children spoke and took pride in sharing all of their hard work. This week we have enjoyed having another day with Mr Fisher as well as a day with Mrs Fahey. She had us looking at artwork by Jeffrey Harris. We used this as inspiration to create the most amazing storyboards which we will use as a basis for story writing. Swimming is coming to an end and there have been many new skills gained by all children. The head instructor had to double check what year group the Tāwhiri children were as he was so impressed with how well they all swam! We look forward to a fun flipper ball session on Friday where the children can put some of their new swimming skills into action.

Report by Mrs Swete

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Hi everyone, from Ranginui

We have enjoyed our swimming sessions and have gained many good swim skills. Thank you for packing those extra wee food items as they have helped our energy levels last throughout the day. This week the students in Ranginui have chosen how they would like to show their learning about the life cycle of a sunflower and have created giant flowers full of facts. These will be proudly displayed on our windows and shared at this week's assembly. We have also painted sunflowers which will be displayed on the corridor walls. These will be hung at our current heights, then over time the students can compare their own growth. It is not quite time to wrap up our learning so next week Ranginui and Tawhirimatea will join together and help plant at Pete’s Patch. I’m not sure of our days yet so please pack extra items every day. I suggest: gumboots, jackets, hats (cooler day), sunblock (maybe hot day??), if you have garden gloves and tools please send them on Monday. We will be leaving at 9am and having morning tea there. We have 21 2 litre containers, only 4 more to collect. Please send them to school ASAP. It has been different not seeing you in the classroom but if you ever need to talk please let me know. Your kids are awesome and are working so well together.

Report by Mrs Ruzsa


Our swimming lessons have finished up and we are all very excited for Flipper Ball tomorrow! Everyone in Hinemoana has done a fabulous job being organised for swimming each day and has made great progress in the water. Did you know on Wednesday some of us swam 6 or more lengths of the pool?! Amazing effort! We are finishing up our learning about Money, The Human Body and Healthy Eating, tying it together by creating a Healthy Feast. Our job is to create a recipe to share with others that is good for our mind, bodies and digestion while also making sure it fits into our given budget. We are all super excited to see what we come up with and then make our feast. Watch this space over the coming weeks for some snapshots of our delicious and nutritious meal!

Report From Miss Laing

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Tāne Mahuta

It has been great to see a whole lot of creativity shining through in Tane Mahuta this week. We have started the final, exciting stage of this term’s Inquiry learning. For this learning, we are creating models in small groups depicting a festival or celebration which we have studied this term. We each got to come up with our own idea of what the perfect ‘festival scene’ would look like for our model and finish off our diagram/plan with labels and a materials list. Then, Miss Tenci told us our groups and we collaborated all of our original model ideas together to come up with a final model design. For these models we are allowed to use a range of fun materials, such as clay, paint, cardboard, paper templates and popsicle sticks! Take a look at some of our great plans in the photos and keep an eye out to see how our models come together in the next couple of weeks.

Report by Miss Tenci

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Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

Team Awesome 2-3 L POD - Indiana

SBS Incredible 3-4 L POD - Tommy

Team Touchdown 3-2 W POD - Eli


Year 3/4 1-1 POD - Liam M.

Year 5/6 1-0 W POD - James

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