Juan A Pena

ME, myself, and I

Something I would never change my mind about.

Something that I would never change my mind about is that everything comes around. You do something good or bad it will back around at you, maybe not now but it will though. I believe it happens for a reason as well. Every single thing that has happened in your life, everything you have done has led you up to now and what will happen later. Think about it, you are who you are because you want to, because you want to do that or this.
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Fam Bams. 😎

These two are my brothers from other mothers. Guy on that right is like my brother, Jason Peña. It's funny because many people think are actually related. In a way this the brother I always wanted, he is their for me in my up and downs. Guy on the left he is same way but I have know him for a little less but point is they are my family.
Big Ike band TSU

Mighty Eagle Marching Band

One thing I really enjoy to do is play in the band for the school. Ever since freshmen year I always enjoyed it. It had its up and downs but I enjoy it very much. I play Tuba in the band, a varsity band member. I prefer marching season over concert because it is much more entertaining.

Never Let Life Kill Your Spark

The first time I heard this motto was I knew I would follow this for the rest of my life. To me it means that no matter how dark it gets you can't let it get to you. You can't let life take that away from you and by life I mean your struggles you go through what life will throw at you.

My Goals

I hope to have an amazing future as a occupational therapist. A therapist that helps with emotional experiences. I want people to know that they are not alone when they are going through something. To know they have someone to listen to them when no one else is their.