Presidential Election

Blair Kingsley, Vaughn 5

Background Information

The candidates in this race are President Barack Obama, on the Democratic side, and former Governor Mitt Romney, on the Republican side. The incumbent is Barack Obama. Before becoming president, Obama spent 3 years as the senator in Illinois and before that, he was a member of the senate for 7 years. Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts for 4 years. Both candidates attended Harvard University, Romney graduating with a MBA and Obama with a J.D.

Issues within this Race

The main issues within this race are health care, deficit, jobs, and the issue of exchanging fossil fuels for renewable resources. Other issues include pro-life/pro-choice, gay rights, social security, and taxes. Obama supports universal health care, using renewable resources, and supports same-sex marriage. Romney is the complete opposite; he opposes universal health care, thinks we should continue to use nonrenewable fossil fuels, and opposes same-sex marriage.


The way it’s looking right now, neither presidents really have a good set-in-stone plan of how to fix the economy. There’s really no way to predict what’ll happen if either candidate becomes president. The debt and deficit will either get better or worse, but there’s no way to really tell at this point.

Closing Thoughts

In my opinion, I really don’t think either candidate should be president. Yes, both of them make some good points, but I’m not convinced that either of them know how to fix the economy; obviously, it’s not easy, but both the candidates plans are really vague.