Australia's most magnificent land-form!


Uluru is found in the border between Northen Territory and South Australia. If you were to go there im sure you would see it, because it is giant!

Man-made or Natural?

Uluru is a natural land-form in Australia. How it happened well erosion, rain and water created this giant rock. It may look like a small version of a mountain but everyone knows its a giant rock, And erosion also didn't just make Uluru but also it made Wave Rock which is in Western Australia, The Devils Marbles and so on.

Some of the Land-forms I mentioned.

So many People come here

Tourists are common!

Uluru is a giant Tourist location, millions come to see it all over the world because its so unique. And when you arrive there you have the chance of walking up the rock to the very top, But now the original owners are saying it is damaging the rock, so they stopped walking on the rock and people only come to see it and admire how big it is now.

Historical Information

Uluru is told to be over 20,000 years old. The original inhabitants of this area was the Anangu, a aboriginal tribe. They call the rock Uluru but when the Europians took over they called it Ayers Rock, naming it after the explorer who found it. After many years it became a national park until Anangu protested and said they wanted their Land back so after that they got it back and allowed the goverment to do a 99 year lease.

Flora and Fauna

They have been told that there is around 46 species living near Uluru but according to recent surveys it says theres only 21. Some of the Flora found here wold be Mulga and Centrilian Bloodwood that were used to make boomerangs and bowels. The red sap of the bloodwood is used as a disinfectant and an inhalant for coughs and colds.