Before the Jumpstart

Things to think about or consider

Ideas and Suggestions

As we have been getting ready for the jumpstart, we have had many questions and thoughts about helping you be ready for the 10 days. Hopefully this will help answer some of the questions you have and make it easier for you.

Hummus for Heart Health

Here is a link to an article why chickpeas and other legumes are so healthy for you.

Doug and Shari

Have questions, ask either of us. Don't feel comfortable asking Doug, go ask Shari.


By now all of you should have scheduled your biometrics with Rochester Clinical Research, Inc

500 Helendale Road, Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 288 0890 Please make sure you explain you are from Victor Central.

On the day of your biometrics you can either get fasting bloodwork or nonfasting. Fasting will get you better results and more information. Also remember to get a copy of your numbers so you can share them with me.