Sugar Moon Maple Syrup

Pure Maple Syrup

Now Selling

Now selling Sugar Moon Pure Maple Syrup in your local stores! Or you can contact us at

(320)-838-1588 and order straight from us! I hope you enjoy the taste of our delicious Pure Maple Syrup!Prices per Sizes:

  • Gallon: $55
  • Quart: $16
  • Pint: $9
  • 12oz.: $8
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The Process of Maple Syrup

This is how we make our syrup in short steps:

  • After tapping the trees collect the sap in five-gallon buckets
  • Bring the sap to the Sugar House and dump it into the boiler
  • When the thermometer reaches 7-9, draw off the syrup into the bucket
  • When everything is boiled down, bring it in to filter and bottle
  • Enjoy your syrup on breakfast food or everything else!