Disabled Homeless

By: Josie Simpson

What is the issue?

There is about 38% of disabled homeless in America. This bothers me because no one is there to help them. There is also miss understandings at work to cause them getting fired.

Who does this issue effect?

The Disabled community. For the Disabled community its harder to get jobs because of discrimination or they don't have the right under standing. Getting more disabled people jobs will surely effect the disabled community for the better
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Why should there be a memorial?

The disabled people who can't adequately work, will either eventually get fired or have a hard time working. If we created a memorial maybe it would inspire more people to help. The cause could spread and more people would be helped.
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Where would the memorial be placed?

I would place mine at a Town Hall (I start out small usually) in Texas so I could post my opinions there. Then I would probably go for some were bigger like maybe Tall Grass hospital in Kansas to spread the word out to the hospitals. I believe that's were I would want it.

What is my goal.

My goal is that it will first of all change peoples view on disabled people. Also for people to help more causes. The main reason is to help disabled people so miss understandings at work don't happen as much.
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