3 for Thursday

March 24, 2016

1. Quill

Quill is a web tool that provides interactive writing and grammar activities. Students sharpen writing and grammar skills by writing sentences and proofreading passages. You can create a class in Quill and invite your students to join it using a code. Once joined, they will be able to access the work you assign to them. Quill's proofreading passages are intentionally filled with grammatical mistakes. In each of these passages, the student’s job is to identify and fix each of the errors. Quill then highlights the student’s correct and incorrect edits and provides a follow-up lesson on those particular subject areas. Quill is a free literacy tool powered by an open source, non-profit community of educators and developers.

2. Thomas Edison's Secret Lab

Thomas Edison's Secret Lab app is now free for the first time ever. Explore the lab, play games, learn about Thomas Edison and other inventors, meet the Secret Lab Kids, learn about inventions and discoveries, create holograms, and enjoy some great videos.

"Where science is a blast!"

3. KidsClick!

KidsClick! is a web search site designed for kids by librarians that returns kid-friendly results. It is not an Internet filter. KidsClick! is intended to guide users to good sites, not block them from "bad" sites. There is no advertising on KidsClick! pages.
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