PHS Field Hockey Weekly 3/4/2021

Mid Week Updates and training info

San Marcos game update for spectators 3/4/2021...

Hello everyone,

I know the information seems to come out so often and many times with short notice, I truly apologize for that. I get new information daily and am always trying to keep everyone updated as best I can. This is just the season that is out of the norm and forces us to stay on our toes and pivot.

We must enter the stadium together as a group 45 minutes before each game. The coaches/ volunteers must take temperatures of each person entering the campus. Please see the attached map for parking in green and where your coaches will meet you, take temps, and walk into stadium as a group.

Message from SM Athletic director: We will be playing in the Stadium-

Honor system, limited to 3 per household member of the athletes.

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Schedule: Upcoming 2 weeks-

Please have your players arrive 15 minutes early for check in temperature checks and field set up on training days. Players are expected to arrive 45 minutes prior to game time for temp checks, field set up and warm up.

Training will be Mon-Fri 6-8pm in the stadium. Unless otherwise denoted and always subject to change based on games, weather or emergencies.

  • Friday, March 5th: Games @ San Marcos HS (these times may change depending on there field schedule adjustments) More info from SMHS on their school sites Covid protocol coming soon.

Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up

Game start times are:

JVB @ 2pm release from school at 12:30/lunch no 5th period

JVA @ 3pm release from school at 1:30

V @ 4:30pm

  • Saturday, March 6th: Games @ PHS v MC game is still on but ***Senior Night*** has moved to Monday
We will meet at the front of the school same as usual for temp checks and head down as a group. Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up

Game start times are:

JVA @ 5:30

V @ 7:00

JVB can come 6-8pm to watch games- this is not mandatory and can opt to take the day off. Bring warm clothes or a blanket for watching.

  • Monday, March 8th Games @ PHS v MC (JVA & V only)***Senior Night***

***Senior Night*** date changed***

We will meet at the front of the school same as usual for temp checks and head down as a group.

  • Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up

    Game start times are:

    JVA @ 6:15

    ***Senior night ceremony in-between games***

    V @ 7:30

    JVB practice 6-8pm, watch games and come see senior night- Bring warm clothes or a blanket for watching.

  • Tuesday, March 9th: JVB game @ PHS v MC (JVB game only)
We will meet at the front of the school same as usual for temp checks and head down as a group.Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up

Game start time is:

JVB 7:30pm

JVA & V practice 6-8pm- Will watch first half of JVB game. Bring warm clothes or a blanket for watching.

  • Wednesday, March 10th : V game @ PHS v Vista (V only)
  • Same day: JVA game @ PHS v SM (JVA only)
We will meet at the front of the school same as usual for temp checks and head down as a group. Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up.

Game start times are:

V @ 6:30

JVA @7:30

JVB practice 6-8pm practicing in stadium on track and watching V & JVA game. Bring warm clothes or a blanket for watching.

  • Thursday, March 11th: 6-8pm

  • Friday, March 12th: Games @ PHS v Fallbrook (JVA & V only)
We will meet at the front of the school same as usual for temp checks and head down as a group. Arrive 45 minutes early for warm up

Game start times are:

JVA @ 6:15

V @ 7:30

JVB come 6-8pm practicing in stadium on track and watching V & JVA game. Bring warm clothes or a blanket for watching.


Click here for our sly reply link. Please know that each position is for one person and not a couple. However, the position in the booth to operate the score board can accommodate two people- but only if they are from the same household.


Click here for our sly reply link. Please know that each position is for one person and not a couple. However, the position in the booth to operate the score board can accommodate two people- but only if they are from the same household.

Player info and program contribution 3/1/2021...

Hello everyone,

Please look at the weeks schedule down below with updates and game information. I am aware it may rain this week on our game days. I am holding out hope the rain is only in the morning and clears up before we play. Just and FYI, If we have to cancel I am going to wait up to 5pm before canceling unless the ref tells me before that. The other team is aware.

Below is a link to sly reply to sign up for volunteering at the games. Please know that each position is for one person and not a couple. However, the position in the booth to operate the scoreboard can accommodate two people- but only if they are from the same household. If you know you will be by yourself please leave this position open for those who would like to come together. Also bring binoculars...its way up there.

Below are the restaurant fundraiser flyers as well.

Please fill out the following google form by 5pm on March 2 to ensure proper sizing for your daughter's uniform 2021 Poway HS Girl's Field Hockey

Also, please use the following Paypal link to donate $150 to help support our program.

Pay Poway High School Field Hockey Booster Club Inc using PayPal.Me


Coach Kim Draskovich


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See message from PHS tech GURU...3/3/2021

Hi Kim,

As for watching games, this is what you can pass along to the families:

All of our home games, at all levels, are streamed live via the NFHS
Network. This service requires a paid subscription:
Subscription options are $11 monthly or $70 yearly. (Given the short
year, the annual subscription probably isn't worth it this year.)

Games can be watched on any web browser at
There are also applications available in the app stores for all
Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as the Apple TV, Roku,
and Amazon Fire TV streaming boxes.

A subscription gets *all* games on the service--not just one sport or
one school. This will also work for football, soccer, and lacrosse.
(Also sports in the gym, if we get to play those this year.) You can also
watch games we're not involved in, even games out of state. In a normal
year, this is also where you'd find CIF section and state playoff games.

I'm Jason Lindquist,
and I approve this message.

Game day update 3/3/2021...

Hello everyone,

For any players that did not receive socks last night we will have some for you at the field tonight. For new players to know- Please come in your green skirt and black warm up shirt and white socks. We will change into the white racerback jersey top just before game starts. White is our home jersey and green is our away.

As I mentioned previously we will wait til the last minute to cancel the game. We can play in the rain just not if there is thunder during the game. Then we would suspend. If there is thunder when I get there or during the game then we will cancel. See below for the message from the head FH ref.

Also see below for the info on streaming option form our PHS tech GURU.

See below for new map and game day parking instructions.

Remember if you chose to park at the top of the lot to watch games please stay in your car at all times. As soon as the JV game is over please pull out of the parking space and move to a different parking spot near the bus turnaround or JR lot. Do not wait for your daughters to come to you in that spot. We need to be cognizant of our Varsity families abilities to watch as well.

JV is expected to stay and watch the first half of the Varsity game before they can leave. Please be patient it is part of the learning and part of the bonding as a cohesive FH family (program). JVB can leave after the first half of the varsity game as well.

JVB please remember to bring your gear as you will be training during the games.

Every player please bring warm clothes or rain gear to wear when you are not in play maybe even an umbrella.

Message from head FH ref-

a. When thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the leading edge of the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend play for at least 30 minutes and vacate the outdoor activity to the previously designated safer location immediately.

b. 30-minute rule. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play.

c. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30-minute count will reset the clock and another 30-minute count should begin.

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Parent info zoom meeting 2/28/2021...

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry this is coming with such short notice. I have a zoom meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7PM for parent info on our season and upcoming schedule.

Please know that my zoom account can accommodate up to 100 log ins. As of right now this message goes out to approximately 150 recipients. Between last year and this years players. Please try to log in once per family or 2 per players family in order to accommodate anyone that wants to be a part of the info session.

I hope to see you all there,

Coach Kim Draskovich

Kim Draskovich is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Kim Draskovich's Zoom Meeting

Time: Feb 28, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 088 1596

Passcode: FH

Update 2/25/2021...

Hello everyone,

I am just adding onto this weeks updates and keeping a running message. Some info below is still in effect but the latest news will be here and will continue to come at the top and with a date.

We were given the green light to start playing games as soon as this Saturday and our season was extended to April 3rd. Here is the newest memo from CIF. This gives us more time to play more out of league games. I have been working all night on adding in new games, planning senior night and lining up refs. We are looking into uniform distribution and parent info night. I will be sending a link for a zoom --which may be this weekend-- in order to get the info out and have some Q&A.

I will be using the next three training days, starting tomorrow, as tryouts to evaluate the girls and will form teams prior to our first game.

I know a lot of information keeps coming and it is ever changing. This week is big in HS sports and with being a season 1 sport I do not have the grace of time on my side. I am sorry for any inconveniences with the short notices, but I am doing my best to keep you all posted and roll with each new update.

I will post the full game schedule soon. I am just trying to fit in some more with the extra two weeks on the back end. However, please double check the schedule below as I did make some edits of what I have so far for the upcoming week. We do not have any buses reserved. Players/famlies are expected to have their own transportation.

I know the big question I keep getting is if we can have spectators... thus the empty stadium seat background. For now, we can not have spectators, but that could change as well. However, our stadium is now equipped with cameras and has streaming capabilities! I believe we are the only PUSD school with that ability, yay Titans!

I have asked to extend the team shop til Sunday at midnight. See the link below for spirit wear.

Thankfully, we have an amazing board backing us up and an equally amazing group of players and families. I truly appreciate all of the support and understanding!

Coach Kim Draskovich


Spirit Wear...

Hi everyone,

I have had quite a bit of inquiry on spirit wear and the team shop. We are opening it up but it is a very small window. You have 48 hours to shop the store will close on Thursday, 2/25/2021 at midnight. Please take a look now and make any orders ASAP!

Message & Update...2/23/2021

I found this article in the San Diego Union Tribune

Our cases in San Diego county were 15 per 100,000 which just missed the limit of 14 per 100,000 to start playing. However, this give me great hope for the numbers coming out in next Tuesdays report. Just to keep everyone posted I do have games already planned with other schools starting next week. If we make it into the limitation, and get the green light to play from PUSD, we will be playing as soon as we are allowed. I am prepared for an immediate start schedule wise and our board has been working with me to organize uniform distribution as well.

I have a North County Conference meeting Thursday and will continue to send updates as they are available.

Here is the latest update with info pertaining to the lawsuit on youth sports-

CIF press release 2/23/2021

The lawsuit that put a temporary restraining order was discussed in yesterday’s CIF meeting. Even though it currently allows for ALL sports to begin, there are several factors that CIF is looking through to make our sports plausible.

1. CIF follows under the San Diego County Office of Education. Therefore we must adhere to CDPH guidelines.

2. CIF must adhere to most of the state CIF office’s guidelines and calendars.

3. The lawsuit only applies to San Diego County. The SD-CIF is comprised of schools from Riverside and Imperial Counties as well.

4. In order for ALL sports to be played, the lawsuit states that all programs will need to follow the same guidelines as our San Diego Colleges and Universities as well as Professional Sports Teams.

CIF researched USD, SDSU and the Padres. They are also looking at UCSD and Point Loma Nazarene. Most of those programs that are running athletics are in a bubble. Meaning, those programs are extremely isolated and not playing in front of fans. They also are testing every other day. There would be no way for us to feasibly test at this high rate that is expected.

By following the lawsuit’s guidelines, we would inevitably leave out CIF member schools that participate in our section.

Messages & Updates...2/22/2021

Hello everyone,

As most of you may have heard the news from the Governor, there are new CDPH guidelines, as well as, CIF guidelines that effect youth sports and High School sports teams. There has been an update- please see below the attachments from CIF and CDPH. As of right now, nothing has changed for our program. We will be continuing with training this week. Hopefully, our counties numbers drop by Friday and PUSD gives us the go ahead for games. Until then we are continuing with our Mon - Fri 6-8pm training. I am prepared and have been planning the remainder of the season and working on a game schedule in hopes we get the green light. Our March schedule could potentially change due to games.

Please know that if we do get permission to move on the season, things will happen very rapidly. I will have a zoom parent meeting, we will need to distribute uniforms, form teams, and get into game mode. Most likely there will not be buses if we travel, so please be prepared for that. I am trying to have all games scheduled in the evening. Spectators would be based on each school or districts decision at that time.


As of right now the Field Hockey official dates are still Feb 1- March 20th with the elimination of CIF San Diego Section Championships and CIF Sate/Regional Championships.The end date has not changed and the season has not been extended.

Our newest Palomar league schedule (if we get to play) includes one game per team, which puts us at 5 games for league. I hope to have 2 additional games, pre-league or scrimmage, if possible. There will be no tournaments at this time.

Players are allowed to participate in more than one sport/cohort at a time. However, at this time I still do not have plans of holding a formal tryout or forming our teams. I am still waiting on the go ahead but once we are given that notice I will do so. I will send an update as I find out more information. I just want everyone to know that I am working on moving forward with the season and hopeful to play games.

Please do not forget to bring your ticket to play, if you have not received your ticket please do so. Every player will need to provide proof of a physical along with all 5 pages printed and completely filled out to the Athletics's office and bring a ticket to play to me. See attachment below.

Please click on and read all attachments and links below. I need everyone to be aware of the guidelines and to follow the Covid protocols set in place by the CDPH, CIF, PUSD and PHS. All players must bring the items listed below for equipment/gear, no exceptions. There can be no sharing of personal equipment and water.

thank you all for your support and understanding,

Coach Kim Draskovich


What players should bring equipment/gear:

  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Plenty of water-64 ounces- water fountains are not available
  • Work out attire- shirt and shorts or leggings
  • Cleats
  • Running shoes/athletic sneakers
  • Field hockey shin guards
  • Mouth guard
  • Goggles
  • Field Hockey stick
  • Optional- jacket or sweater will get cold at night.

Drop-off & Pick-up procedure

Please see the map and legend for drop-off & pick-up procedure. Come 15 minutes early. All players must be escorted down to the field by coaches from the front of the school. All players will have their temperatures taken. Anyone with a temperature of 99.9 F or above will not be allowed to participate. Please do not run up to greet us, this will unnecessarily raise your body temp.

  • Coaches will be in the front of the school to greet players, denoted in yellow.
  • For players who drive, park in the JR lot and walk on the sidewalk along Espola Rd. to meet coaches in front of the school, denoted in purple.
  • Once everyone has checked in, coaches will escort the players down to the stadium field, denoted in green.
  • After training concludes players will exit to the parking lot through the gate near the front office.

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