Katie McWhite and Jennifer Major

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Climate, Geography, and Land

Iceland is the second biggest country off the coast of Europe. It's is a little smaller than Guatemala or Kentucky. The volcanic island has rugged land and a variety of scenery. It has one of the most active volcanoes that erupts every five years. Iceland even has more hot springs than any other country in the world, although in Iceland they use the term geyser.

The average temperature in the summer is 51 degrees Fahrenheit and has two or three months of daylight. In the winter, the average temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and has four or five hours of daylight.


Icelanders dress well throughout the years in warm clothing since its climate is mostly cool. They dress well especially when going to the theater or a nice restaurant.

They have religious freedom which allow them to believe what they want. Eighty percent of the population belongs to the state church, six percent are Protestants, three percent aren't religious, and 2.5% are Roman Catholic.

They normally start out the morning with cereal or toast and tea or coffee. They eat lunch at noon and dinner around eight p.m. When they eat, they hold a fork in their left and a knife in their right hand. Icelanders don't eat very often unless a special occasion is occurring. Their diets are usually fish, lamb and dairy products. They also eat smoked mutton, potatoes, and stuff similar to yogurt. (skyr)

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