7th Grade Panther Press

March 18th Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, March 18 - STAR student special lunch time
  • Monday, March 21 - School Board Meeting
  • Thursday, March 24- Report cards
  • Friday, March 25- No school in observance of Good Friday
  • Tuesday, March 29- STAAR testing! 7th grade writing and 5/8 math
  • Thursday, March 31- Denim and Diamonds Gala
  • Thursday, March 31- GT Urban Adventure field trip
  • Monday, April 4- group pictures 2-4th periods
  • Wednesday, April 6- Middle School UIL band contest

Reading News

This week we have started a new novel, Dark Water Rising. Students are given ample time to complete the reading, comprehension questions, and vocabulary log in class, but this will require students to work outside the classroom as well. Earlier this week students brought home a contract for this unit that explained instructions, due dates, and expectations. All comprehension questions, assigned reading, and vocabulary is due on Mondays. Please be sure you and your child are signed up for the Remind texts in order to stay caught up.

On Google Classroom, your child is able to access an audio version of the novel and all documents. Please click the links below to have your own copy of the documents as well.

Scholastic Book Club

We have many students who have been purchasing books through Scholastic Reading Club, and I have been stocking our classroom library as well. If any are interested in ordering online, please click the button and it will take you to their website.

ELA News

Survivors ready?

The launch of the English Language Arts STAAR Survivor Review Games began on Monday. The students were divided into five tribes: Nodgorb, Traniel, Dnal, Serolf, and the Redeorhcs (these are the 7th grade teachers' names backwards). Along with learning their team color, they also worked during Advisory to create a Tribe Flag. Since then, each day, they compete in a physical and mental challenge. At the end of the day, the Tribe who wins the physical challenge gets to issue a sabotage to another Tribe for the next day's physical challenge. The winner of the mental challenge wins Immunity from the sabotage. The students and the 7th grade team have thoroughly enjoyed this process of team-building, competition, and review for the writing test. My hope is for the students to feel a great sense of camaraderie which will alleviate some of the stresses of state testing.

Speaking of state testing, the STAAR Writing Test will be on Tuesday, March 29th. This will be a one-day, 4-hour test. Students will have approximately 40 editing and revising multiple choice questions and will compose a one-page expository essay. I know the students are nervous, but they are ready! I am incredibly confident in their abilities and so proud of them!!!

We will spend the day before the test reviewing test-taking tips and strategies. I will send out a reminder of some tips you can help your child implement the night before. Be on the lookout for those:-)

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to schedule a time to come in for a chat! I am available in the mornings at 7:45, afternoons at 3:30, and also during my conference period at 9:30. As there are always exceptions and meetings, please call or email me to schedule a time.

Thank you for the incredible support you provide from home. Your child's success is a TEAM effort, and I am so appreciative to be a part of yours.

Make it a GREAT Week!

Mrs. Schroeder

Texas History News

Students in both Land's and Brogdon's 7th grade Social Studies are working on a PBL (project based learning) assignment. They are working in groups to create any two of the follow five projects: American Revolution Newspaper, American Revolution Battlefield Memorial, American Revolution Model, American Assassin's Creed, or American revolutio Trading card game. As you can Maddie Murley and Charlotte Thomas are hard at work. Charlotte Thomas is going old school using books for research.
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Math News

We celebrated "Pi Day" on 3/14 in 7th grade math. We worked in stations to discover the origin of pi and its purpose in math calculations involving circles. We also enjoyed some pie! A huge THANK YOU to all of you who donated pies to make this event a success!

Our Study Island Contest is in full swing. All our 7th graders are competing in a VAMS contest and a national contest. The national contest individual winner will receive a Chromebook and $100. Our VAMS top 10 will earn an ice cream party. Every student also earns extra credit math test points for each blue ribbon earned on math Study Island topics. This is a HUGE opportunity for all students to improve math averages and master 7th grade topics. The first extra credit points were entered on March 4th and applied to the 3rd quarter averages. The contest ends on March 31st. The ribbons earned between March 4-31st will be applied to the 4th quarter averages. Our total blue ribbons for all 7th graders is currently 936! WOW! Way to go VAMS 7th grade!

We are currently studying volume of solids. Next week, we will be working with algebraic and geometric relationships in triangles and special angles.

7th Grade Mathematics/ Honors

Click this button to access the 7th grade Mathematics and Honors course information.

Science News

This week in Science we are reviewing the differences in weathering, erosion and deposition. We will be using that knowledge to analyze the effects of weathering, erosion and deposition on the ecoregions of Texas.

VAMS Redo/ Retake Policy

Click here to access the redo/ retake policy.