Africa History

By: Kaylah Percival

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Birth rate, death rate and poverty

Nigeria has the greatest poverty rate over Sudan, Kenya, and South Africa. Poverty is state of being poor. Reasons of causing poverty is famine, growth in population, droughts, and less education. Kenya and South Africa's poverty rates are lower than Nigeria because they have good education, food, water, and has a well sized population.

Nigeria has a better birth rate that the other three countries. Birth rate is the amount of alive people in the country. Because of the high percentage of births which causes over population and might lead to a high poverty rate.

The graph below shows the variety between births, deaths, and poverty rates of Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, and Kenya

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  1. What is Pan-African movement? An idea that people of African descent share a common history, culture, and experience therefor should work together throughout the world because of their common culture.

  2. What century did the Pan-African movement begin efforts to end slavery and the slave trade? 19 century

  3. What is nationalism? The pride in one’s country.

  4. What is imperialism? Building up one’s empire.

  5. When was the berlin conference? 1884

  6. In Nigeria groups pushing for independence are called political parties.

  7. In Kenya a secret organization that believed the only way to win their rights and independence was called? Mau

  8. Who established apartheid? Afrikaners

  9. Who had more power whites or non-white? White

  10. Who was Nelson Mandela? Nelson Mandela was the leader of the ANC, he was to prison for 27 years because he lead a non-violent protest, he was President of South Africa.