Z-Fuzz is finally open!!

Come to our stand to make it Fuzzier.

Our product

Our product is a very innovative product. It is soft and fuzzy as you can see to the side. It also has a very comfortable feeling. These components are what will make our product take away that hard feeling on a pencil. It is also very easy to slip on and off. What we use to make this so soft is that we use pipe cleaners on the outside of our product. To make it easy to slip on and off is that we use duct tape on the inside to make it smooth or smoother. This product also comes in various colors.


We have many different prices for our product.

  • A Z-fuzz with a pencil is $1.00.
  • A Z-fuzz with a mechanical pencil is $2.00.
  • A Z-fuzz 5 pack is $3.00.
  • A Z-fuzz 10 pack is $5.00.

Look at those prices, they are the cheaper than any other pencil grip you have seen, I hope.

Also, this will help you save money.

Customer Appreciation

You will have a chance to win a prize for customer apperation. If you are the 25th, 50th, or 75th customer you will win a prize. If you are 75th customer you will win a more expensive prize than the 50th customer and 25th customer. If you are 50th customer you will have a good prize. If you are 25th you will have a fare prize. We want to do this because we want to thank everyone that bought our product.