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The News in the Confederacy

Reconstruction Started! Newspaper Will Shut Down Tomorrow!

Battle of palmito ranch useless! Civil war already ended! Lee Surrendered the SOuth!

Civil War Ended. Union is the Victor.

Battle of Palmito Ranch Success!

The Battle of Palmito Ranch has been a victory. Texans have rejoiced at the wonderful news, and the war may be looking up for the Confederacy a little bit.

How Texas Has Degraded

We have a request for someone to say something on our newsletter, so we let them:

"I despair of giving any idea of the dirt. We tried to eat without seeing or tasting and to sleep without touching the bed. They gave us coffee, a horrid decoction of burnt wheat and milk without sugar, in saucers and water in the halves of broken bottles. The table was set in the dirtiest of kitchens with a dirt floor. It has surpassed any place we have been in yet. We certainly found the dark corner of the Confederacy."
-Kate Stone

Though we here at Texas Times are offended, we do agree. Our economy, supplies, men, weapons, and our food have all degraded. Even our spirit is not as powerful as before. This war must end soon. Or else Texas will end before the war does.

The Great Hangings

Unionists and suspected Unionists have been killed by vigilante groups. The tension has been rising between the two groups, and I suspect that it has finally reached the breaking point. Men were hung for being either Unionists or being suspected Unionists, or even Union sympathizers. The German community has been hit the hardest, most of the hangings involving them in one way or another. We all wish that things could have gone differently, but it is too late now

Unionists are people who support the Union, as per the name Unionists. They are actually treated worse than the Conscientious Objectors, who don't fight due to religious purposes. Even the Conscientious Objectors have to fight now, due to there being less people who will replace the men for money, and for there being less money to be able to bail out.

Unionists have always been scorned, but nothing of this magnitude!

Donate Your Metal to Make More Weapons!

Battle of Sabine Pass Won!

On September 8th, 1863, five thousand Union soldiers were sent to attack Texas at Sabine Pass. Man, did they pay for their mistake. Captain Richard Dowling has a great mind and is a great strategist. The Union wanted to take Beaumont and Houston, two major supply centers. They thought that it would be an easy win with only 47 Confederates. They were wrong and they were defeated badly.

As you know, Sabine Pass is narrow. You could barely fit three ships side by side in there. Of course, the Union thought that was no big deal. Dowling used the geography to his advantage. That's the great thing about battling in the South. We have the advantage of knowing the territory. Anyway, Dowling ordered the soldiers to hold their fire until the Union had entered Sabine Pass. You see, the Pass is so narrow, that you can't maneuver your ship to avoid cannon shots. As soon as the Union ships started entering, we started to shoot. Two boats immediately sank. The rest of the ships couldn't into the Pass, otherwise they'd be trapped. None of them came into the Pass, and they eventually left.

If the Union thinks that they can take our land, and not have us fight back, they are mistaken. The Union still has not taken Texas, has not even entered Texas. Everything is bigger and better in Texas. Our comrades in the west on the other hand...

Job Openings in Schoffild's Iron Works!

War on the Other Side of the Mississippi

We have gotten news that the war on the other side of the Mississippi is not going well. Several battles have been lost, and men have been lost as well. The war has been dragging on long enough. Someone needs to win.

John B. Magruder

civil war hero

Galveston is Taken Back!

Our men, led by Magruder, have taken back Galveston. With only 50 deaths, the Union did not get within Texan broders. Texas is still safe from Union hands.

Galveston is Taken!

The Union has taken Galveston! Thankfully, we evacuated all the men and supplies off before the Union could get their filthy paws on it.


Tensions run high between Unionists and Confederate supporters as money, men, and supply are low. Now, instead of coffee, we drink roasted acorns or corn. Now, instead of medicine, we use herbs like uncivilized witch-doctors. Now, instead of sugar we have honey. We have to make our own clothes, since all the shops are out of business since the people don't have money to buy clothes. This newspaper may even discontinue soon, due to the low supply of paper! Thankfully, we are not as bad as Richmond. They had a bread riot!

The Draft

To those it may concern,

The editor and I would like to take a moment of silence for the men lost in all the recent battles. We support the families who have lost loved ones. We pray to the Lord that they have gone to a better place.

Thank you.

The Draft has gone up. Outrage is common nowadays, and the men who volunteered don't trust the men who are drafted. We here at Texas Times would like to give you some advice. If you own >20 slaves, you are exempt from the draft. If you would like to show your patriotism, fight. Otherwise, and I'm talking to you Conscientious Objectors, you can buy yourself out, get more slaves, or find a replacement. This is currently threatening crop production, as men are the ones who farm. I guess women will now have to take up their jobs as well. Women are now managing post offices, stores, farms, plantations, and even driving cattle. Women also became teachers and field nurses.

Those aren't the only jobs they are taking up either. Most women now have to do their jobs and their husband's. We all hope that this war will end soon.

Our Confederate Dollars

I am sorry to inform you that the value of a Confederate Dollar has lowered. It has been lowering for a while, now. I ask everyone to try and save as many material items as possible. Monetary value may drop close to nothing soon. This is a warning. Take it or leave it.

Cotton to Corn

Attention to all farmers!
Since it is very hard to export cotton, we now ask you to grow edible crops. The best crop to grow, according to experts, is corn. We here in Texas need to eat and the boys in the North fighting need to eat.

Ross's Brigade Sign Up Sheets Are Now Available! Show Patriotism!

Join Terry's Texas Rangers!

Sign up today for Hood's Brigade! (doesn't it look fun?)

Fort Sumter Attacked! Fighting Breaks Out!

We, as Texans, proudly wave the flag of the Confederate States of America (which doesn't sound like the United States of America at all). All the Texans are ready and eager to fight and tensions are rising.

We have also found out the Union has been blocking off supplies. They have started a blockade that twists around all of the coast. We may have some trouble with shipping in and out. But Texans have found a way around it. If you have supplies that need to be sent off somewhere, you can go on ahead and bring it across the border and ship it from there. Simply put up a Mexican flag and use a Mexican ship, and the Union can't touch you.

Fort Sumter was, as you may already have heard, attacked and then and there commenced one of the greatest wars of all time. The Civil War that will end with the swift victor of the Confederacy. Of course, we here at the Confederate States have a few problems and tensions, as well. We only have a few factories, which means there aren't as many guns that can be produced, we only have six million people in the Confederate States, including women, children, and the elderly and excluding slaves, of course.

Updated Thursday March 15th, 1861

The Election of 1860

Thousands of Southerners flocked toward voting polls to cast their votes onto a president. They all crossed their fingers in hope that Breckenridge would be selected as president. In the end, this did not happen. We here at the Texas Times are sorry to announce that the 16th president of the United States of America is Republican Abraham Lincoln.

How you ask? We don't know. The Republicans will be the cause of Southern poverty and the ruin of the Southern economy. They are taking our rights. They won't even allow us the option of seceding. They will apparently fight us to keep the United States united. But, the United States is a free country. The United States should allow parts of the United States to break off.

Also, the West and the North are double teaming us. They think that when they say jump, we'll ask 'how high?'. I mean, just because we are part of the United States doesn't mean we have to abide by the unfair and corrupt laws. They have introduced tariffs. Tariffs. We now have to pay extra for foreign imports. Their excuse? They want to increase domestic trading. Texas is supported by foreign imports and exports. The North and the West already have plenty of cotton farms, while Europe doesn't have as many. We can simply trade it for better things, rather than get less while trading with the North or West.

They are also talking about abolishing slavery. Those carpetbaggers in Congress have been poking their heads everywhere you look. They think that some states should actually outlaw slavery. All men are created equal, so obviously a man with a slave shouldn't be discriminated against. I mean if all men really were created equal, then they would all agree that slavery is needed. Maybe the Northerners don't need slaves for their factories, but they have to be considerate of the nation as a whole.

The new Republicans in office are going to be poking their heads everywhere and not minding their own business. I think that the North should be more considerate of us in the South and keep to their own.

There are also whispers that the election was rigged. Some say that Breckenridge wasn't even included in the northern ballots. Can you believe that?

Updated Wednesday December 4th, 1860

Secession Convention

Friday, Feb. 1st 1861 at 12am to Saturday, March 2nd 1861 at 12am

Austin, TX, United States

Austin, TX

Cast your vote toward secession soon! Follow South Carolina's footsteps.

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