Socially minded

What is the media and media litericy

The media helps us understand what is happening in the world first hand and provides us what we need, when we want it. Media, to me, is an electronic source of information that can be access by the internet. It has been developing through years and is still evolving now to get better and better than before. Also, It has transform us in ways we communicate with others, such as making television shows more appealing or more interesting to watch such as drama, that has talked by or liked by most people recently and they would like to put in the shows to capture the audience attention and make them want to watch the show more often. Media is an outside source that can help us connect to the world and other family members and people, Facebook and Instagram for example. Facebook is the most popular social media in the world and still is. Also, Facebook has become popular because of the fact you could connect and chat with family members and friends and post up what you like, what you are interest in, customize to your liking and what’s on your mind. Media has continued to make things more available for us to access to, when we are on the run or when we need some information about something right quick. Example is cellphones. To be media literate is to understand how mass media work and can describe and have recognition of how everything works and how it affects us or impact us in a major way. It helps developed the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information in a variety of forms.

Super Bowl Commercial Précis

Budweiser in the commercial for beer, which aired from during the 2014 Super bowl, commercial to viewers that every soldier who returns from war should get a hero’s welcome. Budweiser promotes this product by showing a soldier returning from the war and his family goes and greets him. Budweiser goes and makes his welcome extra special, like he is a hero. Budweiser attempts to get viewers to feel emotional and uplifted in order to connect their product with the troops as an great thing to have and drink. This commercial uses a emotional tone which connects with ages young and old to experience the feeling.

Miley Cyrus has a wild side and belongs in the zoo!?

A-Aron buckshank, field reporter

Mon Mar. 17, 2014

March 15- Courageous Miley posts up on Instagram how bad she really is by letting all her fans know, that she is “The animal”. “Getting a tattoo on the lip is the best way to show the world, that you don’t always play by the rules” says Miley on Friday.

The notorious rebel showed her yellow and black cat with a tear drop face as a symbol of justice and freedom from Big Brother. This display is not just a way to be heard or get attention, but a way to inspire others to show their true claws instead of hiding them and be nervous or anxious about it.

“Miley looks amazing with the new tattoo and I would love to express myself same way, but differently” says one of her fans as her likes goes up to the thousands in less 3 hours on Instagram. We can’t help to be on the lookout for Miley’s new attraction.

Thousands of fans, yes you heard me, a thousand fans has made an website about Miley Cyrus, worshiping her, and calling it:” Mileyology “ and is now a growing religion. Who, knew this all this started with a simply tattoo on the lip and has just past the million mark of likes on Instagram.


Art is a rewarding experience to do. It lets you to open your mind for the moment and lets you imagine anything that you were impossible to do. After you get the image in your head, then you let the pencil do the work as it tries to foretell what you imagine onto paper. After you have finished, let yourself enjoy and take in of what your pencil help you put on paper. Yes, art is something that lets you be yourself what any judgment. Also, it helps you view the world in a different view or your paradigm. Again, art is something that you redefine style if you let it and create a world of your own that you never thought exists. My experience of art is what I just mention above and I am still redefining style, my world, and my creative, where its reach new heights that I never thought I could touch. Again, I am not the only artist who is experiencing this feeling, for I am just one of the people in the world, trying to accomplish the same thing.

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1984 is great book to read as has intense descriptive details of what is happening in the main character's life and world. The ending to 1984 was sad to read because he did much to rebel against the organization he was in and wanted to soon break free from the hell he was in, that lying to him about what is true and what is a lie. I like or even love Orwell’s work because he goes far beyond the sky, not making it his only limit, and describe a world so scary, that we could imagine ourselves in it and believe that it will actually happen later on in life. I think it is an appropriate criticism of government in the modern world, because we need some info about what kind of government we are under and let us gives an idea of what we really under, instead of the lies that the government gives us and tries to sugar coat it with the truth or resemble the truth. I would have ended the book a different way, where he escapes and live a life he always wanted to live, but more likely not because it would give the book, more of an edge or more intriguing, so it will give the readers something to ponder about or give them not expected, where there is not always happy endings. The most important message of the book is life is not all fun and games and it’s harder than you think, when you don’t put make the wises the decisions you possibly can.

Media Literary Course

What I learned in Media Literacy course is that Technology continues to evolve every year and when it possibly can. Also, it is truly amazing how we can communicate with family, friends, and even meet new people, with the ever evolving technology we have and create and develop new stuff that can help us and or even harm us, with the potential or not. The things that I am taking away from it that ,this course is what people should be taking, because it will help open your mind, really open your mind and see what technology had done to us. This class is different from other Language Arts classes I took because you don’t just read books all the time and meaningless work that could really bore you and it could be work that already learned in your previous classes, where you are not really learning anything. But, in this course, you are not always in class reading books, doing meaningless work, but helping to open your mind, like I said above and expand your knowledge of the modern world the technology that surrounds us. Again, this course is great to take and you end up learn something almost every day, where you take something from this class, and may even it apply it to your life. What I could have done differently in this class is more hands on work, watch videos or movies more than typing on the computer, and a limit on hand written assignments to a minimum. Other than that, this class is best Language Arts class I have had, because it always kept me interested and had some fun, where I could enjoy with others then just myself. I would recommend people take this class because it has an rewarding experience.