How to Avoid Fraud

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a way that people can access personal information through emails, auctions, and work at home "Kits." People will intentionally deceive you for their gain.

Three types of fraud are:

Phishing & Smishing- People will create a fake email and send you an email with personal questions.

Retail/auction- When you buy something and don't get what you want.

Work at Home- When an add says you can have a successful job at home with their


How to Avoid Fraud

It seem pretty simple right? Well its not. Those emails that look like they are from your bank, or a kit that says you can make load of money from working at home, they are FAKE!

How to Avoid:

1. Don't Reply to emails with personal information.

2. Research institutions; look at customer ratings.

3. If it looks to good to be true.... learn more about fraud.