kaylee muff

ceramics 1

ceramic mug

coil project

artist statement- I created this project because i wanted a vase to put things in because i dont have one. I created it also to add decoration to my house because of all the bright colors that are on it. The problems i had were that it basically fell apart. The top half wasnt strong enough and was crumbling down. That was the hardest problem for me. if i could change anything it would be the way it looks. It doesnt look as polished or neat. you can see all the marks and detailing that i did to it that makes it not neat. I also wish i could change the colors because they dont really match and look weird all around.

ceramic mug

artist statement- Why i created this project because i am really wanting to go to Paris, France when i graduate. I love the whole Paris theme and it is just do beautiful to see all the monuments and the statues all over the city. The problems i had were the handle not being thick enough and it being bigger then expected. Overall it was a hard project. I had to start over twice because it was so hard to do. If i could change anything it would probably be the detailing. I could have worked harder on it and made it more neater then it is.

Ellen schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 2x

Description- what is see in this piece is 5 flower petals. The artwork looks very old and rustic. It looks like there is some type of bump in every flower petal. The piece looks very creative and nothing that I have every seen before. the texture looks smooth and very delicate.

Analysis- The elements in the artwork are shape. It has shape from the texture and cylinder shape on the bottom. The color neturals with some really dark browns to light browns. It also has value from the lightness and darkness of the color tone. The last is texture, It looks really smooth with the petals on the sides of the artwork. The principals in the piece are contrast because of the light and dark colors. It also has unity, because it has wholeness and it looks like all parts go together.

interpertation- I know that the artist uses a lot of contrast with the netural colors. The time period is in this century and is a current piece. It isnt that old so it fairly new and inspiring. I think it could be about something growing. It looks like something like maybe a hand or flower petal. The mood to me looks very calm but not to dramatic. The artwork its self is telling the story of something growing or hiding.

Judgement- This artwork is successful because it is different and not many people can pull off something like this. It is an okay artwork. I dont understand the concept of it or what its trying to say. This piece also is boring because it doesnt show any emotion or color. They are just sticking to the netural tones and its not fun to look at.

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

Description- The objects are people and a snake. I see these three people fighting and tyring to get untangled out of the snake surrounding them. It looks like the snake is broken in some parts and it trying to bite the tallest and biggest guy in the middle. They also look like they are in pain and are struggling.

Analysis- The elements in the artwork are line, because it contours and outlines the mass and volume. It also has shape, the texture and the value of the piece. The colors are neutrals, because it is just using gray marble. It also has value because it has different darknesses and lightnesses in the piece. The last thing is texture, it has the outline of the body and it creates the different textures of the body and everything else. The principals contrast from thick to thin and dull to light. It has balance from the weight. Everything looks like it would weigh the same. It has unity from the way it all comes together.

Interpretation- I know that the artist is from the really old times, like b.c. era. It is a way long time ago and it something documentary. The sculpture is about getting free i think. They are trying to get away from the bad. The mood of this is worried and happiness because they are breaking free from the snake that is around them. The story could be about the three people surving from something hard and needing to get away from it,

Judgement-This artwork is successful because i can get the idea of what its trying to say. This piece of artwork is good because i can understand and it makes sense. In the other one i couldnt tell or even get what it was trying to say. I like it, it something that i could try and guess about allday. Its interesting and something worth getting to know. I like this piece overall. It is better and has more to look at and think about.