Domain I

Planning and Preparation

Preparing To Reach All Learners

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

1a. Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy

§ knowledge of content and the structure of the discipline

§ knowledge of prerequisite relationships

§ knowledge of content-related pedagogy

1b. Demonstrating knowledge of students

§ knowledge of child and adolescent development

§ knowledge of the learning process

§ knowledge of students’ skills, knowledge and language proficiency

§ knowledge of students’ interests and cultural heritage

§ knowledge of students’ special needs

1c. Setting instructional outcomes

§ value, sequence and alignment

§ clarity

§ balance

§ suitability for diverse learners

1d. Demonstrating knowledge of resources

§ resources for classroom use

§ resources to extend content knowledge and pedagogy

§ resources for students

1e. Designing coherent instruction

§ learning activities

§ instructional materials and resources

§ instructional groups

§ lesson and unit structure

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