Say no to DRUGS

By: Katie Brown and Karli Queen

How drugs affect the brain work.

Messages are sent to the brain by neurons that communicate with each other by neurotransmitters. Drugs can change the way messages are sent to the brain. The drugs can block neurotransmitters, act like neurotransmitters, or interfere with neurotransmitters. There are different types of neurotransmitters, depending on which one is released can change our mood. Drugs can affect it by releasing only certain transmitters.

The Path To Addiction

Drug Addiction

The first step is you start using drugs which activates the brain reward system. The next is tolerance, the drug user needs more of the drug to produce the same effect. Then dependence, the drug users experiences uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if he or she tries to stop doing drugs. Then addiction, the drug user has lost control of his or her drug habit.

Behavioral Warning Signs of Addiction

1. Loss of interest in schoolwork

2. Dramatic change in appearance

3.Change in friends

4.Unexplained mood swings

5.Abscences from school

6.Dramatic change in eating habits

7. Excessive secretiveness or lying

8.Unexplained need for money

Explanation of withdrawal

The uncomfortable, physical, and physiological dependent drug user stops using drugs.

Ways to treat addiction

Give thought to the problem

Review your choices

Evaluate the consequences of each choice

Assess and choose the best choice

Think it over afterward

The Ranch Drug Rehab