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May 2022

Corbett SD Calendar Dates to Remember:

May 2-5 - Staff Appreciation Week

May 13 –Teacher In-service-No School

May 16 – All school music concert

May 25 – Last day for Seniors

May 26 – Graduation 2022

May 30 - Memorial Day-No School

May Multicultural Calendar

Mental Health Awareness Month: recognizes the impact of mental illness on families and communities, and raises awareness for those living with mental and behavioral issues.

Older Americans Month: celebrates the contributions of older Americans in the country.

Jewish American Heritage Month: honors the history of American Jews and their accomplishments.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: pays tribute to these people and their contributions to society.

From Interim Superintendent Dan Wold

As I write this, we have just announced a pivot to Short-term Virtual Learning for CAPS. This was a good reminder of what the Oregon Department of Education has been telling us for two years, "You are not in control; the pandemic is in control." With just a handful of weeks left in the school year, we had hoped these measures were behind us. We will get through this wave as we have the others, with compassion, professionalism and mutual support.

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. By and large, teachers are my favorite people, as teachers have had a very large impact on my life:

When my mom passed away when I was young, it was the teachers who brought meals by the house and made sure we had coats, boots and the like;

When I was a gangly, nonathletic fourth grader, it was my teacher who told me I was built like a high jumper and should give that a try. A high jump scholarship paid my way through college, and I have recently qualified for the high jump at the World Senior Games;

When I was a fifth grader, my teacher told me I had ability in art and got me into a summer art camp, and art has been a big part of my life since, including 24 years as an art teacher;

When I was a painfully shy (voted "Most Shy" in school) eighth grader, it was a teacher who got me to try out for the play, and I (eventually) got over my shyness;

When I was a tenth grader, it was a teacher who pulled me out of class on his prep period and convinced me to change directions from rock and roll and "all the evil that accompanies that lifestyle," and instead take advanced coursework and go to college;

When I was in college, it was a high school teacher (who was the college track coach) who convinced me to change majors from Architecture to Education, and later convinced me to run for president of the Education Theme Dorm. I am now in my 43rd year of being an educator.

Corbett's educators do these kinds of things for our scholars as a matter of course, not because it is in their job description, but because of who they are.

"A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations." Patricia Neal

Graduation is Thursday, May 26. With today's emphasis on going to college, it is easy to forget how special that high school diploma is. In my prior state, Nevada, less than half of the students' parents had a high school diploma. World-wide, less than a third of adults have a high school diploma. And, just four generations ago, only eleven percent of Americans had a high school diploma. Taking that long-term, global perspective helps us appreciate what our graduates have accomplished!

School Board Meeting: May 18 at 7:00pm

At this time it is assumed the meeting will be offered in person and via Zoom.

Meeting agenda including the Zoom link will be posted here when it's ready:

The agenda will also provide instructions for public comments.

2021-22 School Board Members: Michelle Vo - Board Chair; Todd Mickalson- Board Vice Chair

Bob Buttke, Katey Kinnear, Todd Redfern, Rebecca Bratton, David Granberg.

Student Representative - Galilea Rios-Schultz

Regular board meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, except where noted (*), at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome, and each meeting includes time for public comment.

Meeting #2: May 4, 7:00 PM

These are public meetings to discuss the Corbett School Budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. Any person may attend and provide comment on the proposed programs to the CSD Budget Committee. At this time it is assumed they will be offered in person and via Zoom.

The meeting agenda containing the Zoom link will be posted here when ready:

The agenda will also provide instructions for public comments.

*Meeting #3 (if needed) May 11, 7:00 PM.

Site Council Meeting

Monday, May 9th, 5pm

35800 E Historic Columbia Rvr

Corbett, OR

This meeting will take place in person, in the Grade School Longhouse.


K-12 PE and Music

ESSER and SIA Update

Woodard Building Update

Summer Enrichment

Summer Projects (new roof, paving)

Parent/Guardian Access to Student Learning in MS

Preschool For All


Preschool Open House


The Corbett Preschool serves children aged 36 months-5 years old. We have some spots open for the 2022-2023 school year. Priority is given to students that live within the Corbett School District boundaries, and then to students that have a sibling enrolled in Corbett Grade School.

Families that would like to join the preschool need to schedule a parent-student visit between 8:30-9:30 am any day we are open (we follow the Corbett School District calendar and are open Monday-Thursday). Please contact Cassie Duprey, the preschool administrator, at to schedule a visit between April 4 and May 16, or with any other questions.


Cassie, Nikki, & Haley

Corbett Preschool

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Open House!

Thursday, May 5th, 4:30pm

35800 Historic Columbia River Highway

Corbett, OR

Grade School News

The students at Corbett Grade School were able to raise $1,566.40 to aid Ukrainian refugees in Poland just by cleaning out their change jars! This fundraiser was led by Teachers James McDermott and Becky Young. All of the money raised will be donated to Salam Lab, the Laboratory of Peace, in Krakow, Poland. Here is their website, in case you would like to learn more: Salam Lab, Laboratory of Peace

Mr. McDermott will be moving to Poland this summer with his wife and son. Our plan at Corbett Grade School will be to continue to exchange information with Mr. McDermott and continue to support and help the refugees when and where we can.

Middle School News

Fertilizer: Does It Matter?

All six classes in the middle school are undertaking an end-of-the-year science inquiry. We received seeds and planting supplies from the OSU ‘Grow This’ program, and designed an inquiry to determine what effect fertilizers have on the growth of different vegetables. Each class planted peas, lettuce and radishes, taking care to control all possible variables except for the addition of fertilizer to half the pots. We’ll be monitoring the height of the growing plants, and eventually the number and mass of the resulting peas and radishes. Then we’ll graph and discuss the results, and hopefully find out, once and for all, the answer to the age-old mystery…does fertilizer matter? And finally, we’ll be eating our results!

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet with all of our data. It will be updated every Monday and Thursday. Check it out:

Oh yeah, Cami and David Paul donated about 138 tons of compost to line the bottoms of the pots; thanks, you two!

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Click here to email Jenny Radulesk for more info!

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High School News

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION: Congratulations Class of 2022

Ceremony Thursday, May 26

  • 7:00 PM - Parade Check-in at DQ Parking Lot

  • 7:15 - Graduates Begin Car Parade to Campus

  • 7:45 - All Cars Parked in Designated Spots in GS Parking Lot

  • 8:00 - Ceremony Begins

  • 9:30 - Senior Slideshow

  • 10:00 - Firework Celebration

  • 10:15 - Ceremony Concludes; Seniors Load Busses for All-night Party. Thank you CHAMPS!

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Hooray! OHSET is Headed to State!

Congratulations to our high school equestrian team! We had a very successful season and are sending three athletes to Redmond, Oregon May 12-15 to compete. Come and cheer on Ellie Aho, Rhiannon Fletcher and Shelby Brill. For additional information contact Coach Jeff Aho.

April Student of the Month

8th Grade: Logan Matias

  • Logan, you know how to set a goal and work steadily toward it, often with a smile. Your perseverance and optimism are contagious!--Mr. Young
  • I have had the pleasure of both teaching Logan and working with him in Cross Country and Track. In all areas, Logan has worked hard, been respectful of classmates and competitors and set a phenomenal example for his peers. I'm so glad he is being honored as Student of the Month.--Mr. Rondema
  • Logan is a very hard worker and has a positive impact on those around him! --Mr. Groh

9th Grade: Jayson Minsker

  • Jayson, I have appreciated your willingness to challenge yourself in art, showing positive leadership. Keep it up!--Mr. Young
  • Jayson is consistently kind and generous with his peers. In homeroom, Jayson shares thoughtful responses to our discussions and treats all of his classmates with respect. I'm glad I get to work with Jayson in homeroom.--Mr. Rondema
  • Jayson is bright, hardworking and kind. He is impressive both in the classroom and on the field. I am glad I was able to have him in class this year and am excited to see how the rest of high school goes!--Ms. Radulesk
  • Jayson always has a positive attitude in class, and is quick to help his peers when needed!--Ms. Hanefeld

  • Jayson comes to class every day ready to rock and has an outstanding attitude!--Mr. Groh

10th Grade: Sophie Bergkvist

  • I only know Sophie through track, but I can attest that she is kind, encouraging and hard working. I've enjoyed seeing her become an integral part of our track and field team and deepen her friendships with others on the team.--Mr. Rondema

  • Sophie is a model student and incredibly kind to others. She is hardworking and dedicated to all she sets out to accomplish. I can't wait to watch her do gymnastics at one point!--Ms. Radulesk

  • Sophie is wonderful- thoughtful, clever, kind, studious, humorous, intrinsically motivated. --Ms. Spanjer

  • Sophie is brilliant, motivated, hard-working, and thoughtful. I am continually impressed by her maturity and intellect.--Ms. Duprey

11th Grade: Bailey Whitchurch

  • Bailey, it is super rewarding to see your creative perspective show up in your artwork, and your positive insight is also a huge contribution to classroom discussion. --Mr. Young

  • Bailey has shown a resilience that I wish all my students possessed. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Bailey and the example she sets for her peers.--Mr. Rondema

  • Bailey has been improving her study habits and has really impressed me this year with her dedication to her classes and her support for her friends. --Ms. Radulesk

  • Bailey is kind, thoughtful, and a good friend. I appreciate her smile and positive attitude, and have seen great improvements over the past month in her school work. Keep up the good work, Bailey! --Ms. Duprey

  • Bailey's determination is inspiring and she always has thoughtful, positive, and uplifting comments during class discussions. --Mr. Groh

12th Grade: Sawyer Bowman

  • Sawyer has been on my cross country and track team for four years during which I've seen him mature from a young freshman into a soon-to-be graduate. As captain of the cross country team, his leadership and example have been key to our success.--Mr. Rondema

  • Sawyer has always been a kind and invested student. I remember him always having a book with him in class, and I always thought that was so great. I appreciate his dedication to learning and especially that he's helped the student leadership team out a few times this year, just to be nice. Thank you, Sawyer! --Ms. Thole

  • Sawyer's enthusiasm for literature is contagious! He brings 100% effort to everything he does, and his presence in the classroom is undeniably positive. --Mr. Groh

Science Field Trip - Mt. Tabor

From students: "We enjoyed being out in nature, as well as the opportunity to see areas that had undergone previous restoration work. Friends of Mt. Tabor showed us how they had developed into more mature ecosystems and habitats and why our restoration work was so important to the landscape as a whole."


  • Gr. 8 - 12 main campus yearbook = $37.00

They can be purchased online via credit card with your MealTime account (5% fee incurred),
or via cash or check with Mrs. Gibbs in the MS/HS office.


Every year there are deserving students who cannot afford a yearbook. We have a program to help! By donating $37.00 you can purchase a yearbook for one of these students. It means the world to the student who gets an unexpected yearbook.

Please consider being part of this great program. Make your check payable to Corbett High School and write Yearbook Angel in the memo line. Drop off or mail to: Corbett School District,
attn: Brie Windust, 35800 E. Hist. Col. Riv. Hwy, Corbett, OR 97019

From the Health Room

Your student’s dental health is important not only for eating, but for their overall well-being. Now might be a good time to consider caring for your student’s great smile and reconnect with your dental health provider.

I have included some resources for dental care that may be helpful to parents:

Mt. Hood Community College Dental Hygiene Program
26000 SE Stark St. Ste. 2731
Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: 503-491-7176
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene services to Tri-County residents only. Hygiene, fluoride, sealants, x-rays.
Population Served: Adults and children
Hours: Open school year, closed summers and holidays. No walk-ins, call for eligibility and appointment.
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale with proof of income.

OHSU School of Dentistry
2730 SW Moody Ave.
Portland , OR 97201-5042
Phone: 503-494-8867
Services Provided: Emergency and comprehensive treatment
Population served: Adults and children
Hours: Open 8 AM - 5 PM
Fees Info/Restrictions: Reduced fees at time of service

Oregon Health Care Plan

· For emergency care and Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Open Card: 1-800-723-3638

· If not currently enrolled, apply for the Oregon Health Plan: 1-800-359-9517 or TTY 1-800-621-5260 (Must meet eligibility criteria)

· Oregon Health Plan Client Hotline (call for problems with eligibility and service): 1-800-273-0557

If you need more assistance in helping your student obtain needed dental services, please let your school health team know and we will do our best to assist you.

Stay Strong and Healthy!

Julie Nakamura, RN



Corbett PTA News:

The last month of school is upon us! The PTA wants to say GREAT JOB!! The last two years have been challenging and this year has been one of acclimation and change. Staff and students have done a great job with these challenges. The PTA looks forward to celebrating this month with Teacher Appreciation Week, Community Literacy Night, and Field Day on the last day of school!

Teacher Appreciation week of May 2-5

The PTA has some fun events to celebrate and thank the staff for all their hard work! We will be having a lunch, basket raffle, and other fun daily treats!

We need your help!!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the Book Fair!

The kids loved book fair and it was nice seeing all the happy faces excited about books!

Ways to help from home:

Smiling can be an act of charity. Please sign up with Amazon Smile to support the Corbett PTA. Visit, once logged in choose "Corbett Elem PTA", and then bookmark so that Corbett Elem PTA benefits every time you shop!

The next PTA meeting will be May 12, 2022 at 6:30pm at La Carreta in Gresham.

If you are interested in volunteering please email

C.H.A.M.P.S. News

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Parents we NEED you:

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Community Happenings:

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Mental Health & Addiction Services:

Multnomah County Mental Health Call Center

If you or somebody you know is having trouble functioning, Mental Health and Addiction Services is here to listen. Seek help by calling the Mental Health Call Center at 503-988-4888. Our team of mental health professionals is prepared to help anyone experiencing mental health issues at any time, in any language.

When you call the Call Center at 503-988-4888, you get:

  • Free, 24/7 mental health support

  • Interpretation services for non-English speakers

  • Referral to low-cost or sliding-scale agencies

  • Help finding mental health providers

  • Information about non-crisis community resources

Urgent Walk-In Clinic

Need to meet face to face? Stop by our Urgent Walk-In Clinic.

The clinic can help anyone experiencing a mental health crisis at no cost.

  • Receive immediate care during a mental health crisis

  • Speak to a psychiatrist or a mental health nurse practitioner

  • Get help with medication and treatment

Location: Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Urgent Walk-in Clinic

4212 SE Division St, Portland

Hours: Monday - Saturday 7 am-10:30 pm, Sunday 9 am-9 pm

Corbett School Counseling Services

For questions about access to resources at Corbett School District, please call Student Services at (503) 261-4235.

Counselor & Behavior Specialist (K-12):

Anna McNeely – – 503-261-4212

Vanessa Knight – -- 503-261-4241

● School Psychologist:

Dawn Becker – – 503-261-4212

Family & Student resources: Corbett School District

● Corbett SD has a website provided by the School Intervention Team (SIT) at:

● Visit the Student Services web page at:

● Visit the Corbett Mental Health & Behavior Support website at:

● If you know of a Spanish Speaking family who may need an interpreter, you can email Melissa Davis, our ELD teacher, at If you have a family who needs an interpreter, not in Spanish, email Melissa Davis as well.

Budget Committee Position No. 2 Vacancy

Details: This is a three-year term, to expire or renew on December 31, 2024.

To apply for this volunteer position please fill out an application and submit to Robin Lindeen-Blakeley in the district office. Email: