Mom's little elves

errand running/babysitting

Mom's Little Elves

Our business is a business that would love to help out the busy moms in Montclair. We know how stressful parenting is at times and would love to help you out with your "little people". We also do errand running so that you don't have to do all of your errands and balance a little kid. We also know about first aid, pet care and how to put a baby soundly to sleep.

More About Us

Me, Kirsty, and Viltis

We are a trio of friends who would love to take this job opportunity. Kirsty and I are very close friends and know a lot about animals. We want to be veterinarians when we grow up. Also I am a girl scout and know a lot about business and responsibilities. Viltis is also very good for this business because she has a younger brother and knows how to handle wild, crazy rascals.

Izzy (designer of this page and person who came up with the idea)

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