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February 29-March 5, 2016

Senior Hall of Fame

Each spring, CSISD honors seniors who exhibit integrity, leadership skills, school spirit and a positive attitude as part of an elite group of students in the Senior Hall of Fame. These students are selected by the adults they have interacted with for the last 4 years--the high school faculty. As you consider who you will select for the Senior Hall of Fame, please keep in mind that you may nominate up to 15 students, so if you only want to select one or two, that is ok, too. Also note that this honor is bestowed not simply on GPA, but it is more about the character and Cougar spirit a student has. If you have not already done so, please vote here.

After these students have been named, they will each select an educator to honor at the Senior Hall of Fame Banquet on April 27, 2016. In the spirit of celebrating some of the amazing people who work on our campus, I'd like to share what some of the Hall of Fame students from last year said about educators on our campus. (Yes, this is long--but it is so worth your time!)

Meghan Bauman honoring Anne Hoffman:

"As a counselor, Mrs. Hoffman has taught me to always be kind and understanding to others because you might not know the full story of their situation, and as a friend, she keeps me grounded and helps me be comfortable just being who I am."

Alex Bowden honoring Gregg Frashure:

"In March of last year, my dad passed away. Coach Frashure was the first person I called, because through all the ups and downs, he was a father figure."

Madison Cashion honoring Anna McBride:

"I could never thank you enough, Mrs. McBride, for helping me realize my dreams. I'm so thankful that 3 years ago, you stepped into my life. I'm a better woman, leader, and dancer because of you."

Fiona Cohen honoring Randi Costenbader:

"Her endless kindness and unshakable trust have led me, and so many before me, to grow into people we did not know we could be--the people she saw us becoming.'

Joseph Cohn honoring Jon Seale:

"Whether it be a new ensemble part, a difficult solo on an unfamiliar interest, or putting in extra time to help the underclassmen, Mr. Seale's advice has, in every single case been extremely helpful and allowed me to learn new techniques as a musician and as a leader."

Hogan Daughters honoring Rodney Wellmann:

"I will always wish I could have won a state championship for him, but everything I have accomplished and will accomplish in the future is for the thin, brown haired, tan man who took a basketball player and turned him into a cross country runner."

Sebastian De Beurs on Chad Lehrmann:

"Regardless of who you are and whether you are coming for advice, a laugh, or a sheer "hello," Mr. Lehrmann is always happy to receive you. The downside of this genuine hospitality is that before you realize it, you are so immersed in a riveting conversation on U.S. policies that you find out that he left you only one minute to run to your next class."

Jake Georgiades honoring Miranda Broadus:

"She is one of my biggest supporters. Whether it is baseball, football, or even life I know she is always there to help cheer me on."

Collin Littlefield honoring Eric Eaks:

"I have selected Mr. Eric Eaks for the simple reason that he has made the Band Hall of CSHS feel like a home for his students."

Amber Macha honoring Melodi Henry

"Whenever a new student joins our band, Mama Melodi is always the first to make them feel welcomed and at home."

Michael McCord honoring Dennis Rhodes:

"One of the awesome things about Coach Rhodes is he is understanding of all of his students and won't judge them."

Sam Morris honoring Caleb Phillips:

"I have been welcomed into Mr. Phillips' StuCo family along with many others. I am blessed to be loved as part of this family."

Cory Nutall honoring Cindy Knapek:

"The first time I met Mama K, I was a freshman and I did not really know her, but somehow she knew me and welcomed me in with open arms from that day forward."

Desmond Payton honoring Kyle Walsh:

"Coach Walsh had always told me never give up on yourself whenever there seems to be no hope of achieving success, and I have believed that with every day that goes by."

David Rambo honoring Casey Akin:

"Even when I was frustrated or overwhelmed, Mrs. Akin would do whatever she could to help me not only learn, but enjoy learning>"

Baylor Rowlett honoring Chris Kovacs:

"Mr. Kovacs created magic in his lessons where school was actually 'cool' and fun. He did not accept failure and I did not want to give anything less than my best for the simple notion of not wanting to disappoint him!"

Emily Sykes honoring Chelsea Frashure:

"Never have I had more respect for someone other than my parents. The first day of football practice arrived and I knew that she was the one educator I wanted to impress."

Kelsie Warren honoring Josh Munson:

"Over the last four years, Coach Munson has been a motivator, a mentor, a friend, and now I just consider him a member of my family."

Jordie Wells honoring Mary Selcer:

"As a class, we would all look at each other and laugh whenever Selcer would literally jump up and down with excitement about getting to do a calculus problem. I hope if I were to dedicate forty years of my life to something, I would be that joyful every day, too."

The main trend I've noticed in reading what these student have written is how powerful relationships lead to incredible motivation. So, once again, if you haven't done so, take a moment to nominate seniors for the honor of being part of the Hall of Fame.

Have a fabulous week!


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G/T Update & Dyslexia Training Due MONDAY!

Remember to complete your G/T 3-hour update before Monday, February 29th !

ALL TEACHERS need to submit the form. If you attended a conference for G/T credit, answer question 1 and email Mishler your certificate.

The dyslexia training is also due Monday, February 29th! Click here to see if you still need to complete the training. Find the training modules here.

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Spring Coaching Exchange

Please remember to complete the second coaching exchange for the year by Spring Break.

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I hope you learn something and make a connection during this process!

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