My Musical Heritage Project

A Quest to Discover My Family's Musical Experiences

The Musical Quest

Remember those scratched CD’s, cassette tapes that we re-wound with a pencil, 8 tracks that belonged to our parents, record players, boom boxes, putting coins in the juke boxes at Pizza Hut, concerts, MJ performing at the Super Bowl, hearing your mom or dad talk about the music they listened to before “rock” music came along? Such memories mean very little to our third and fourth graders, so..... we're going on a quest to discover our musical heritage. What were the musical experiences of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles?

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Share Your Musical Experiences

Students will be asking open-ended questions to discover how music influenced their parents and grandparents. Using their iPads, they will take a picture and record or film the interviews. Parents, maybe you will be brave enough to sing or play for them during the interview! Do you still have an old album or picture from a concert? Are their grandparents or uncles or aunts musical? Share your musical memories with your child this week.

A Video Message from Uncle Billy

Hammond 3rd and 4th Grade Music Classes

"My Musical Heritage" is a project for the extraordinary students at Hammond School. Music ROCKED in the past and it still ROCKS today!

Cherie Herring, Music Teacher