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A Monthly Newsletter for the Madeira School--Sept. 15, 2013

International Student Video Contest

Shih Chien University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is sponsoring an international video competition during the fall 2013 semester, and they would love submissions from North American high schools. The video competition will culminate in a live film festival, where schools from China, North America and other regions will be connected via technology.

Topics include the following:

  • Topic 1: How can modern youth cope with the pressure to maintain traditional culture (or cultural uniqueness) within an increasingly westernized/globalized world society?
  • Topic 2: What unique contributions can my country contribute to freedom and/or global change?

Contact Jennifer at World Leadership School for more information if you're interested in getting your students involved.

Young Egyptian Photographer Eager to Connect with Classrooms

Yasser Aala Mobarak, a young award-winning photographer from Alexandria, Egypt, has a broad background in global youth initiatives through his work with iEARN and other global educational networks. For the last two years, Yasser has been bringing his photographs and experiences into WLS classrooms through Skype, and his Facebook group for student artists has become a vibrant and creative forum for sharing and dialogue.

Yasser is excited to bring his work to WLS classrooms again this school year; please be in touch with Jennifer at World Leadership School to begin the process. Please note that Yasser is particularly interested in connecting with students looking for long-term engagement and dialogue, not just one-shot video conferences.

Video Conferencing Opportunities

TakingITGlobal and the Centre for Global Education have developed another excellent year of video conferencing programs, and they welcome all WLS schools to participate. Programming will include an average of two video conferences per week from October through May, on a wide array of subjects relevant to all disciplines; go to the Event Calendar to access lists of upcoming conferences by Subject or by Date.

To participate, schools are urged to take part in a tutorial webinar in September, for preparations around the technologies involved. Please contact Terry Godwaldt at the Centre for Global Education for more information, and register for the mailing list at Global Encounters.

See the video below for a taste of how students feel about their video conferencing experiences in Edmonton, Canada.

Global Encounters video 3 30 v1

Excellent New Global Story Collection

One World: A Global Anthology of Short Stories is made up of twenty-three stories, each from a different author from across the globe. All belong to one world, united in their diversity and ethnicity. Edited by authors Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Jhumpa Lahiri, this new collection is a must for any global classroom.

From the Introduction:

"We invite the reader on a personal journey across continents, countries, cultures and landscapes, to reflect on these beautiful, at times chaotic, renditions on the human experience. We hope the reach of this path will transcend the borders of each story, and perhaps function as an agent of change. Welcome to our world."

New Student-Produced Video

This video was produced by students in the Diversity Club at St. Mary's Academy (Denver) in spring of 2013. This entirely student-driven project was produced by Ramona Sandoval and directed by Jessica Sedhom, both of whom traveled to Costa Rica with WLS in summer 2012.
We Are Diversity.

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